Mnpctech is making custom replacement feet for popular audio track turntables used by Audiophiles and DJs. Our first generation of turntable feet will focus on brands that include Technics, Audio-Technica, Pioneer, Reloop, Sansui, Sota, Stanton, and DENON. Each turntable replacement foot made by Mnpctech has thick Neoprene insert to help eliminate and isolate vibration. The shells of Mnpctech custom turntable feet are machined from 6061 aluminum. Mnopctech Turntable Feet are also a great visual upgrade for any turntable. Turntable Feet inserts are surprisingly flexible and include pre-installed mounting screws.

We make our isolating turntable feet in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We will periodically introduce new custom phonograph and turntable feet, so bookmark this page and check back often.