Buy White Phanteks EVOLV ATX Vented Front Panel

Phanteks EVOLV ATX Vented Front Panel, White



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Mnpctech is now making custom CNC machined 100% white opaque acrylic replacement front "vented" panels for the White Phanteks EVOLV ATX Case. It helps in improving air flow to your Phanteks Evolv ATX case with multiple milled air vent slots. Each air vent slot measures 5.5" wide x 3/4" tall to maximize airflow. Note You can sand and prep this acrylic bezel yourself for your color finish if you wish.

You will need to swap everything from your Phanteks EVOLV ATX front bezel, accept the front POWER LED diffuser..

Above illustration shows necessary mounting hardware to be swapped to the Mnpctech ATX White Evolv Vented Front Panel.