Custom Feet for Vinyl Record Player Turntable Wood Plinths Bases, Black Anodized

Custom Feet for Vinyl Record Player Turntable Wood Plinth Bases, Black Anodized (Set of Four)



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Set of FOUR BRUSHED ALUMINUM CUSTOM FEET for Wood Plinth Base Record Players and Turntables and Vinyl Record Players. Mnpctech custom turntable feet replace your vintage or new wood plinth turntable factory feet. Simply screw in Mnpctech custom wood plinth turntable feet with four included #10 size wood screws. Each Mnpctech Turntable foot has Sorbothane vibration isolation washer on top to give it more stability to help eliminate vibrations and needle skipping.

Each Wood Plinth Turntable foot by Mnpctech measures 1-1/4" tall x 1-3/4" O.D. with machined 6061 grade aluminum shell.

Includes Four #10 size Wood screws.

Factory Feet in photos not included.

Turntable in photos not included.

Made in the USA by MNPCTECH.