Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit Mk1 Custom Gaming PC Case Mod by Exexe

by Bill Owen
cooler master case mod contest 2019 VW Golf Mk1 GTI Custom PC Case Mod

See more details on Exexe's project worklog for his Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1, HERE

Exexe's Cooler Master Case Mod Competition Entry was inspired by the original VW Mk1 Golf / Rabbit GTI.

I'm a long time fan and enthusiast of the mk1 Golf/ Rabbit GTI. I purchased my first one in 1992 and owned several more up until I got married in 2001. They were only imported into the United States as the Volkswagen Rabbit GTI in 1983 - 1984. They've become extremely rare to find in rust-free condition in the Midwest. Their value has increased exponentially over the past 10 years. Occasionally one will appear on "Bring a Trailer" but be prepared to see prices ranging from $10,000 - $15,000 for one in mint condition.

Yesterday I was cruising the project work logs of Cooler Master's 2019 Case Mod Competition in their community forums and stumbled upon this gem. A 1/2 scale model of the VW Golf Mk1 GTI fabricated into a custom gaming computer case by hand from 1.5mm thick aluminum in 1/2 scale of the original European version of the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 GTI. The recreation of the car is nicely executed by Exexe. He didn't overlook any details that a true fan of the Golf mk1 GTI would notice missing. The vertical vents in the hood under the windshield are there. The layout of the computer components mirror the original Golf Mk1 GTI's engine bay.

My favorite aspect of the Mk1 Golf GTI Case Mod is the two 120mm EK Vardar EVO PC cooling fans as the headlights. The recreation of the slim European bumper and signal lights. I wonder if they actually illuminate? Imagining them as Power and HDD/ SSD activity. The MSI Vega video card is positioned in the center just like the Mk1 Golf GTI's intake manifold. The MSI Vega GPU is cooled with EK waterblock with red illuminated clear acrylic cover as a visual focal point.

The location of the Cooler Master 1000W PSU is the same spot you would find the car battery in the Mk1 VW Golf GTI. I also love the license plate location for his sponsors. I don't know of any VW Golf Mk1 GTI enthusiast who wouldn;t be proud to own something like this on their desk or workstation. I also imagine that VW Repair / Tuner Shop would love to have this custom PC case mod on display in their office or waiting room.

The EK reservoir matches the location of the windshield fluid bottle in the Volkswagen Mk1 GTI. All of the liquid lines in the case mod were created from clear PETG hard line tubing to emulate fuel or cooling lines in the real Mk1 Golf GTI / Rabbit. You can see the EK 120mm Vardar cooling fans emulating the headlights with their white LEDs.

Judging by his photos, I think it's safe to assume he works as a fabricator in a sheet metal fabrication shop. The location of the shop in the worklog is Slovenia. Coincidentally his sponsor, EK Waterblocks, who supplied all of the water cooling components is also located in Slovenia. The process of creating the 1/2 scale VW mk1 Golf GTI gaming computer case mod involved laser cutting aluminum sheets before using a sheet metal bending brake to form all of the pieces of the car.

"This is tribute to legendary golf gti mk1. Is a 1/2 scale front end of the car only. Full aluminum 1.5mm body, control panel is 3d printed"

The hardware details of the VW Golf Mk1 GTI Custom Gaming PC Case Mod.

Intel Core I7 7700k


ASUS TUF Shield Mark2 Motherboard

Corsair Vengeance 16gb DDR4

Coolermaster v1300 Power Supply

Samsung ssd 250gbx2 for data storage

Western Digital ssd 500gb

All liquid cooling components in the Volkswagen Golf / Rabbit Mk1 Custom Gaming PC made by EK Water blocks.

See more details on Exexe's project worklog for his Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1, HERE