Why be Normal? Show off your Vertical GPU!

by Bill Owen
Vertical GPU Mod Mounting Bracket Installation

(photo is Mnpctech customer, carlos' with Fractal Design Nano S ITX case)

Have you noticed that video cards are now seen in desktop PCs? A video card is one of the largest investments in our system and we don't even see it. In 2015, PC modders introduced the idea of detaching the video card from a motherboard with a 16x speed riser cable. This opened the doors for builders seeking new ways to display video cards. PC water coolers could now see the fluid flowing through a water block on their GPU.

In 2016, Deepcool introduced the Genome case with the first optional vertical GPU mount. Shortly after, other manufacturers started including vertical mounting. Today it's hard to find a case without a vertical option. Case manufacturers that haven't yet capitalized on this new trend are missing out. Mnpctech embraced consumers needing a D-I-Y solution for cases older than 2017. Other manufacturers that included Be-Quiet, Cooler Master, Corsair, Fractal Design, Phanteks, and Thermaltake quickly followed our lead.

Mnpctech's stage 1 GPU mount allows mounting your GPU over the 120mm fan hole or anywhere else, providing there's space with some modifications. Their Stage 2 version doesn't require cutting an opening for monitor cable(s). Mnpctech now makes five different vertical mount products for PC cases. Both versions are made from thick aluminum to support the weight of non-reference coolers and GPU water blocks.

I want to inspire PC builders to not be limited to a traditional layout. However, vertical isn't for everyone just yet. I still see comments from consumers mystified at how a GPU can work this way? It's hard for people to trust change, especially when video cards have doubled in cost. Thermaltake created a scare when consumers reported their 16x riser cables were hurting frame rates. Thermaltake was slow to respond and update their design. Consumers have also been warned that tempered glass side panels can restrict airflow to your GPU. It's entirely dependent upon your individual system and it's cooling configuration. Everyone's system and environment is different.

Video Demonstration of Mnpctech Stage 1 & Stage 2 Vertical GPU mounts: