Buy DIY Vibration Isolation Base Platform For Turntables

Mnpctech Primo Turntable Isolation Base Platform, 1" thick x 19.75" x 15.125"

Eliminate vibrations to your analog vinyl turntable



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*Check fitment with your turntable and shelf, before removing the paper backing. *Requires attaching included Isolation Platform feet by hand. (No Tools Required) *SHIPS UPS GROUND 5 - 7 BUSINESS DAYS. (CARTON WEIGHS 16 pds)

Mnpctech "Primo" Clear Acrylic Vibration Isolation Platform For Turntables are cnc machined from clear cast acrylic. Many people have requested an easy to use solution for isolating vibration from their analog vinyl turntables. We've made this isolation platform to help isolate vibrations and improve your enjoyment of listening to vinyl records. Our "Primo" Isolation Platform utilizes our larger 2-3/4" diameter Sorbothane isolation feet.

This Anti-Vibration Isolation Base Platform can be used with any new of vintage turntable that has foot print within 19.75" x 15.125".

Mnpctech Turntable Isolation Base Platform is CNC machined in 100% Cast Clear Acrylic/Plexiglass.

Mnpctech "Primo" Turntable Isolation Platform weighs 11 pounds.

Supports turntable weights up to 80 pounds.

The platform measures 1" thick x 19.75" x 15.125"

The foot print of turntable isolation measures 1" thick x 19.75" wide x 15.125" deep

Height of turntable isolation platform is 2.75" tall (uncompressed)

Mnpctech Isolation platform includes our popular Sorbothane Vibration Isolation feet.

Every piece and component including the isolation feet are made in our family workshop.

Installation of the four included isolation feet is required. The isolation platform and feet are shipped in separate cartons.

Mnpctech Turntable Isolation platform will arrive with paper backing on both sides. This backing must be removed.

Mnpctech Primo Vibration Isolation Base Platform can be used with any new or vintage Analog Audio Vinyl Record Turntable that has foot print within 19.75" x 15.125"

Turntable Isolation Platforms - the benefits and how to improve the sound quality of your record player!

Let's talk vinyl records, or more specially the analog audio vinyl turntable. It gives music lovers the satisfaction of reliving the 'glory days'. It allows listeners of vinyl records the ability to play their old collection and bring to life old albums created for record players only.

So, why a record player? Why not MP3? Well vinyl playing lovers can agree, collecting vinyl records is a hobby, there is nothing better than to have hard copy records to play. Also, the sound quality of a record gives off a level of warmth normal CD players or speakers can not provide.

Lastly, avid record enthusiasts can't go past the vinyl because it has a much greater dynamic range - with CD only providing 96dB and vinyl produces 55-65dB.

Playing records isn't just about the love for music, it is part of a hobby for all music lovers. Just like any collectible hobby, records are becoming harder to find and more desirable to have.

Mnpctech Primo Vibration Isolation Base Platform includes Mnpctech's Sorbothane Isolation Feet (packaged separately)

The sound quality of analog record turntables.

As we know the incredible sound of a turntable is unlike any other music playing device, but there are some issues that arise with any device we use to play our music. So, let's talk about vibration. When we listen to music, vibration has an impact on the way we hear the sounds.

In order to have good quality sound, the level of vibration needs to be reduced to improve the resolution of any system, including turntables. But to do this, firstly, we need to understand how these vibration issues happen.

When listening to music on a turntable or any music device, it is structure borne vibration that enters through the shelf, floor or platform the turntable is resting on. The vibration from the platform it rests on is what creates the heavy vibration sounds. This occurs as force impacts the signals in the record players and magnifies through the application chain.

The force creates vibration, which enters audio components through the feet and the chassis of the record player. These vibrations impact the sound quality of the player as it reduces the clarity, alters the detail of sound and distorts the frequency response.

The Mnpctech isolation platform base is machined in Mnpctech's workshop and measures 1" thick x 19.75" x 15.125".

Types of vinyl turntable vibration issues.

Fortunately, the method of control for structure borne vibration is fairly easy and straightforward compared to air-borne vibration, which is produced from fluctuating air currents when using loudspeakers.

By removing the vibration from the structure, the sound quality will be instantly improved, increasing the sound staging, imaging and producing a smoother balance in the tone of the sound.

To reduce the structure born vibration in any turntable an effective vibration isolation platform is needed.

The Mnpctech Primo Turntable Isolation Platform is made from high quality materials to ensure the quality of the sound produced by any vinyl from any record player is at its optimum level. The machined clear acrylic will also nicely accent the sound system in your auditioning or listening room.

The turntable vibration isolation resolution.

To control vibration issues in any device there are three different resolution methods: coupling, de-coupling and energy conversion.

The best practice for turntable vibration isolation is de-coupling. This is the method of using soft materials to isolate the turntable from it's resting place, giving it space underneath the device to cut through the vibration problems. It is a matter of giving it "breathing space" as well as a buffer to cancel out the levels of vibration.

The platform needed can be described as a "mini table" like device with legs to keep the base off the surface it sits on.

The rubber-like feet of the vibration isolation platform for turntables absorbs the vibration by converting it into heat and exhausting the impact it has on the sound. Then the base of the platform holds the turntables from being flat to any surface, reducing the vibration.

Pro-ject Audio Debut Carbon (not included) displayed on Mnpctech's Custom Clear Acrylic Isolation Platform with Sorbothane Feet.

What is a turntable vibration isolation platform?

Simply, a vibration isolation platform is a product used to sit your turntable on as a mediator between the hard surface it sits on and the turntable itself.

Many DIY turntable isolation platforms or manufactured platforms are made up of different materials. But for the best sound quality, you want to ensure you have a turntable isolation platform used from the best materials.

One turntable isolation platform on the market is the Mnpctech Primo Turntable Isolation Platform.

The materials used to make this Mnpctech Primo Clear Acrylic Vibration Isolation Platform, are CNC machined from clear cast acrylic. The product helps isolate vibrations and improve the enjoyment of listening to vinyl records through the turntable device.

Pro-ject Audio Debut Carbon (not included) displayed on Mnpctech's Custom Clear Acrylic Isolation Platform with Sorbothane Feet.

The Primo vibration isolation platform for turntables is made with the most popular Sorbothane isolation feet.

Why is the CNC machining process to this turntable isolation platform this important? Well, this means the materials are made 100% accurately made to ensure a great quality product. Mnpctech's workshop has 19 years of experience in making products. Everything is 100% hand made and assembled.

As for the base of the vibration isolation platform, it is made of 100% cast clear acrylic plexiglass using Computer Numerical Control or CNC. This means machines controlled by a computer make the product for the base of the isolation platform.

Sorbothane used for the isolation platform feet is a brand of synthetic Viscoelastic urethane polymer, which is used as a vibration damper. The materials in Sorbothane is a combination of rubber, silicone and other elastic polymers, which is highly durable, controls vibration and is an acoustic insulator.

The cast clear acrylic plexiglass has outstanding thickness consistency, it does not melt during the process of making the vibration isolation platform and is 10 times stronger than glass as well as being half the weight. It's an excellent material for dampening and isolating environment vibrations. Mnpctech Primo Isolation Platform is a great solution if you auditioning or listening room has old wood floors.

Mnpctech Isolation Turntable Platform includes Mnpctech Sorbothane feet to help eliminate and isolate vibration. Each turntable isolation foot has Neoprene bottom foot prevents scratches on audio stand or furniture surfaces.

Mnpctech Isolation Turntable Platform includes Mnpctech Large Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Feet. The Sorbothane Isolation foot measure 35mm (1.57") tall x 75mm (2.95") wide.

Mnpctech Isolation Turntable Platform is 1" thick cast clear acrylic and includes Mnpctech Large Sorbothane Vibration Isolation Feet.

Really, it's all about the sound.

Sound quality is the key to great music, so the key benefit for a turntable isolation platform is the impact it has on the sound quality of the record player.

To extend on the sound quality, the control of the vibration allows the middle and higher bass register to breathe underneath the player. By lifting the record player off the hard, flat surface, it allowed the player to provide a detailed and realistic sound quality. This produces a clear and detailed sound wave for your listening experience.

To summarize the main feature of the turntable isolation base is its ability to control the bass energy to create better clarity from the turntable.

To get your hands on a high quality, high performing vibration isolation platform for your turntable and audio listening room, that will last, you need a Mnpctech "Primo" Clear Acrylic Vibration Isolation Platform.