Buy DIY Vibration Isolation Base Platform For Turntables

Vibration Isolation Base Platform For Turntables, 1" x 20" x 15-3/8"

Eliminate vibrations to your analog vinyl turntable


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Mnpctech Clear Acrylic Vibration Isolation Platform For Turntables are cnc machined from clear cast acrylic. Many people have requested an easy to use solution for isolating vibration from their analog vinyl turntables. This Vibration Isolation Base Platform can be used with any Turntable brand and model with 1" x 20" x 15-3/8" foot print. Every component including the isolation feet are made in our family workshop.

They measure 1" thick x 20" wide x 15-3/8" deep

They include Mnpctech's popular Sorbothane Vibration Isolation feet.