Black Turntable Vibration Isolation Pads

Turntable Vibration Isolation Feet / Pads (Pack of Four)

No need for tools. Simply place isolation pad under each foot of your turntable to prevent needle skipping.



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  • EVA acoustic poly metric foam core with neoprene top and bottom layer.
  • Each record / phonograph / turntable isolation pad measures 2" x 2" x 7/8" tall.
  • Pad helps prevent vinyl record skipping by reducing vibrations under your turntable / record player / phonograph.
  • Helps improve sound produced by your vintage Phonograph Player or new Analog Turntable.
  • Universal fit, so they work under all audio analog turntable brands and models.
  • No need for tools. Simply place isolation pad under each foot of your turntable.
  • Use with Direct Drive, Idler Wheel, and Belt Driven Turntables

Pro-ject Audio Carbon Debut with Mnpctech Turntable Isolation Pads to help prevent vibrations and needle skipping.

Easy to use Vibration Isolation Pads will help prevent needle skipping on your record player or turntable.

Mnpctech turntable isolation pads can also be used with U-Turn Audio, Fluance Turntable, Music Hall, and Rega Planar, record players.

Audiophiles have used Mnpctech custom made turntable isolation pads on classic record players and turntable brands that included Akai, Audio Technica, Clear audio, Crosley, Denon, Dual, Garrard, and Kenwood.

Other turntable brands these isolation acoustic pads will work with include Lenco, Marantz, McIntosh, Music Hall, NAD, Panasonic, Pioneer, Pro-ject Audio.

Use Mnpctech DIY turntable isolation pads under your JVC, Rega Planar, Sherwood, SONY, TEAC, Technics, Thorens, and Yamaha record players.

Audiophile customers have also used Mnpctech isolation anti vibration pads under their technics direct drive and belt driven DJ turntables.