Buy Mnpctech Clarity Vibration Isolation Base Platform For Turntables

Mnpctech Clarity Anti Vibration Turntable Isolation Base Platform, 1" thick x 19.75" x 15.125"

Mnpctech Clarity Vibration Isolation Base Platform For Turntables,



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*Check fitment with your turntable and shelf, before removing the paper backing.

*Requires attaching included feet. (No Tools Required)


Mnpctech "Clarity" Clear Acrylic Vibration Isolation Platform For Turntables are cnc machined from clear cast acrylic. Many people have requested an easy to use solution for isolating vibration from their analog vinyl turntables. We've created our "Clarity" isolation platform to help isolate vibrations and improve your enjoyment of listening to vinyl records. Our "Clarity" Isolation Platform utilizes our most popular isolation feet 1.75" diameter Sorbothane isolation feet. Several of our customers with collector or vintage record players and turntables have expressed concern about installing aftermarket custom feet. It's difficult to determine the right screw type and thread. You can simply use this custom turntable isolation platform instead and retain your factory feet.

This Anti-Vibration Isolation Base Platform can be used with any new of vintage vinyl turntable that has foot print within 19.75" x 15.125".

Mnpctech Turntable Isolation Base Platform is CNC machined in 100% Cast Clear Acrylic/Plexiglass.

What are the specifications of Mnpctech Clarity Isolation Platform?

● The platform measures 1" thick x 19.75" x 15.125".

● Mnpctech "Primo" Turntable Isolation Platform weighs 11 pounds.

● The foot print of turntable isolation measures 1" thick x 19.75" wide x 15.125" deep.

● Height of turntable isolation platform is 2.50" tall (uncompressed).

● Mnpctech Isolation platform includes our popular 1.75" diameter Sorbothane Vibration Isolation feet.

● Every piece and component including the isolation feet are made in our family workshop.

● Installation of the four included isolation feet is required. The isolation platform and feet are shipped in separate cartons.

● Mnpctech Turntable Isolation platform will arrive with paper backing on both sides. This backing must be removed.

Mnpctech Clarity Anti-Vibration Isolation Base Platform For Turntable models that include, Rega Planar, Music Hall, Clear Audio, U-Turn Audio, Project Audio Debut or Essential. McIntosh Turntable Isolation Platform for Turntables or Audiophile Record Vinyl Players. Mnpctech Isolation Platform can also be used vintage Kenwood, Akai, Acoustic Research, Audio Technica LP120, Cambridge Audio, Denon, Fluance, Linn Sondek, Marantz, Technics, Panasonic, Pioneer, Sony, TEAC Phonographs or Turntables. We're proud to also cater to Audiophile customers with Lenco, Luxman, NAD Turntable, Onkyo, and Thorens, Isolation Platform Phono Gramophone Isolation Platform.

It is easy to identify the issues that audiophiles identify with their vinyl turntables, on the top of that list is the inability to get rid of the annoying vibrations that keep interpreting the music and records as we play them. If you are looking for the best turntable isolation platform, you don't have to look too far to find just what you need — understanding that a turntable is great, but a turntable with an isolation platform is even better. In this article, we will be exploring the benefits of having a turntable Isolation platform and how it will affect the sound of your music.

Just by thinking, we may be able to identify some of the benefits of using a turntable isolation platform and in particular the Mnpctech Clarity Turntable Isolation Platform. For one an isolation platform will create a cleaner, more accurate and detailed sound than if you were not using an isolation platform. You will be able to enjoy the music coming from your vinyl record player or your analogue audio turntable with this simple solution. While some persons may choose to use a DIY turntable isolation platform, Mnpctech offers one for your turntable isolation solutions that won't break the bank. You will find that the Mnpctech Clarity Turntable Isolation Platform will offer you an affordable price with a beautiful design and look that everyone will love.

A vibration isolation platform for turntables can help in reducing the acoustic feedback and vibration coming from your floors and speakers. And we can see that the improvement that your new turntable will bring maybe precisely what you need to change the way you listen to and feel about your record player.

What are benefits that a custom made Turntable Isolation Platform will offer you?

A clean and inexpensive clear and detailed solution to the sound of your record.

Given the recent changes in technology and in the way one can actually listen to and enjoy music if you so and invest in an Analog Audio Vinyl Turntables / Record Players, that would mean that you are looking for a particular sound and that you have a particle taste and idea of that which you want to hear. Going through the processes of getting and taking home your player you need everything to be precise and just as you imagined. This is why you need a Turntable isolation Platform, one made with your needs in mind and can give you the sound that you are looking for.

What is the Best Size Isolation Platform for your Turntable?

Let's face it; if you are going to invest your money, you will need to invest in the best turntable isolation platform for your listening experience. 1" thick and slick, easy on the eye and can be quickly moved in case you need to move your turntable from one position to the next.

How do you get rid of unwanted vibration and reduce noise?

That sound you hear causing your table to vibrate and your floors to echo can be reduced or illuminated by using our Isolation platform. It may even seem as if your isolation platform is absorbing the sound and vibration waved, but this was carefully designed to improve your analog audio sound. Sometimes the more straightforward solutions are the best solutions. You no longer have to worry about finding replacement isolation feet for your vintage vinyl turntable.

● Convenient and ready to use.

You can spend hours or weeks on your own DIY turntable vinyl isolation effort or you can get a platform that will suit your individual needs as it was tailored to do just that. The platform measures 1" thick x 19.75" x 15.125" The footprint of turntable isolation measures 1" thick x 19.75" wide x 15.125" deep. Height of turntable isolation platform is 2.50" tall (uncompressed). Mnpctech Isolation platform includes our popular 1.75" diameter Sorbothane Vibration Isolation feet. The Mnpctech Isolation accessory will most likely enhance the performance of your balance and give you the feel you are looking for.

● Reduce Stock and interference from other equipment.

One reason why the Mnpctech Isolation Platform is considered the best turntable isolation platform of its kind is its ability to reduce shock and interruptions from other equipment. Our platform is vibration free and will offer an experience that you will love. It's also a very suitable replacement where an expensive anti-vibration turntable isolation slab cannot be used.

● Turntable Isolation Platform that won't break the bank.

Unlike other equipment of this nature that can go into literally thousands of dollars, with the Mnpctech Clarity turntable Isolation Platform you will not be breaking the bank or anything close to that. The best part about this element that you will not be sacrificing quality for affordability. You are getting a great quality, tremendous value at an affordable price; a product tailored to meet your needs.

If you have still not made up your mind about getting a turntable isolation platform, more specifically the Mnpctech Clarity Turntable Isolation Platform, my question to you is 'What are you waiting on?' and 'What quality of sound do you want from your record player. The choice may not be natural, but you should get the best turntable Isolation platform, you should get the Mnpctech Clarity Turntable Isolation.

Every element of the Clarity Turntable Isolation Platform is made and assembled by Mnpctech's Workshop.

The acrylic turntable platform is one inch thick to isolate vibration. Cast from from 100% clear by Acrylite

The clear platform really highlights the presentation of your turntable. The photo above is a Red Pro-ject Audio Carbon Debut.

Mnpctech's popular 1.75" diameter CNC Machined "Grooved" Isolation turntable feet are utilized on the Clarity.

The core inside each isolation foot is made with combination of 7A Durometer Neoprene and Sorbothane.