Custom Made Vinyl Record Turntable Replacement Feet Inquiry

Custom Made Vinyl Record Player Turntable Replacement Feet Inquiry


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Custom Made Record Player Turntable Replacement Feet Inquiries:

Send the details below to our Workshop for quote here,

1. Turntable Brand & Model

2. Photo of your turntable foot, top & bottom

3. Mounting Screw measurement (diameter in millimeters or tell us thread size and length)

4. Photo of turntable bottom showing how the foot attaches.

We've made custom replacement isolation feet for tunrntables that have included brands, Sansui turntable, Pioneer turntable, Panasonic turntable, VPI turntable, Sota turntable, Clearaudio turntable, U-Turn turntable, Pro-ject Audio turntable, Mc Intosh turntable. We've also made custom turntable isolation feet for Technics turntable, Kenwood turntable, Reloop turntable, Thorens turntable feet, Lenco turntable feet.