1.75" Thorens TD 125, 160, TD 145, TD 150, TD 165, and TD 166 mkI mkII Turntable Upgrade Feet (Set of 4)



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These custom 1.75" (44.45mm) diameter aftermarket feet are not made by Thorens.

Set of four for $79.99

Replace your Thorens mkI mkII TD 125, TD 160, TD 145, TD 150, TD 165, and TD 166 Turntable Audiophile Turntable Vinyl Record Player old feet with our custom 1.75" (44.45mm) diameter machined aluminum replacement feet.

Mnpctech 1.75" (44.45mm) diameter custom vibration isolating feet replace Classic and Vintage Thorens mk Turntable models that include Thorens mkII TD 125, 160, Thorens TD 145, Thorens TD 150, Thorens TD 165, and Thorens TD 166 turntables. Mnpctech's family workshop in Minnesota makes these replacement machined aluminum covered rubber feet so you can continue enjoying your Thorens Turntable.

Each Thorens turntable foot measures 1.75" (44.45mm) diameter x 1.25" height (31.75mm)

Each Thorens turntable foot has a 3/4" diameter thick hard rubber insert to protect your audio furniture or shelf.

Each case foot has a 3/16" (4.76mm) thick vibration isolation rubber washer on top.

Thorens mk I mk II, TD 125, TD 160, TD 145, TD 150, TD 165, and TD Swiss made Audiophile Turntable Isolation Feet by Mnpctech

Each Thorens Turntable Isolation Feet Includes #10 wood screw to bite into the existing screw holes.

Richard Wood's custom Thorens TD-165 with Mnpctech Isolation Turntable feet.

Mnpctech Thorens Record Player / Vinyl Turntable Isolation feet are 1.75" diameter by 1.25" tall.

Richard Wood's gorgeous modified Thorens TD-165 with Mnpctech Isolation Turntable feet and custom plinth.

Mnpctech Thorens Turntable Vibration / Isolation Feet are 100% Made in The USA.

Arnaud JazzAddict's TD-125 vintage phonograph with Mnpctech custom turntable isolation feet.

Stop vibrations from occurring in your Thorens Turntable with Mnpctech Sorbothane Isolation Feet.

Another view of Richard Wood's amazing Thorens TD series vintage record player with our isolation feet.

Mnpctech custom replacement / upgrade vibration feet for Thorens vintage and new vinyl record players and turntables.