How-To Tips For Minnesota Artists On Advertising & Marketing Your Artwork.

by Bill Owen
Selling Art Advice for Minneapolis Artists John Vieno

Minnesotan Artist, John Vieno.

Minnesotan Artist, Barry McMahon.

I'm often asked by up and coming young Minneapolis artists my advice on how to find buyers for your art?

• Website.

While you focus on getting your art in front of the public around the cities, you need to have a website for potential customers and clients to contact you. Using facebook page or instagram as your primary contact isn't enough.

John Vieno and Barry McMahon sites are great examples of professional artist portfolio websites.

Here is some tips for getting your art in people's faces.

Seek out local businesses and companies that will display and sell your framed art on commission.

• Gift Shops.

• Coffee Shop.

• Corporations.

• Restaurants.

• Public Buildings.

• Shopping & Retail Malls.

Minnesota has many companies and major corporation head quarters located here. Many of them are often interested in displaying artwork by local artists. Reach out to their "Facilities Department" or Human Resources and ask how you can submit your work. This exposure can lead to "commissioned" jobs by the employees or visitors in these companies who see your art displayed in a lobby, cafeteria or meeting room.

Join and support a community gallery, so you can display your art in future shows.

Make friends with artists involved with "Art-A-Whirl" and other local artist "Art Crawl" related events. so you can get your work displayed in public.

Social media platforms like facebook, Instagram, and Youtube can help, but can be an endless grind with little or no payback. You need to get your art in front of people's faces on the streets (real life).