Bill's EASY & Successful Ebay Selling Tips with Cassini Algorithm.

by Bill Owen
Best Ebay Selling Tips with Cassini Algorithm

A lot of people are starting to sell on Ebay in 2019 to supplement their income. You can sell things you don;t want anymore, vintage items you find in Thrift Stores of your local GOODWILL. Ebay is also great if you make your own items or products for niche markets, like me!

Ebay's Cassini algorithm determines your list ranking result. It favors six primary factors for BIN listings. (Buy It Now)

What are my suggested seller settings for listing on Ebay and mastering Cassini search results?

*Buy It Now

*Free Shipping

*1 business day handling.

*30 day return policy. You pay for return shipping.

*Minimum 6 good photos. (Use plain color background with good lighting)

*Good Till cancelled listing.

Along with these factors you need a good description with keywords. It never hurts to be "too wordy" on Ebay.

I had a hard time accepting these factors, but once we obliged, we started seeing more consistent sales on Ebay in 30 days. The six factors I've mentioned above will absolutely boost your search rankings and increase your sales. There are also other factors, selling things that people actually want, great pictures, great descriptions and pricing your items at market value aka checking previous comparable solds!

How do you handle those annoying Ebay Watchers that never buy?

I raise the item price by a $10.00 increment twice a week, Monday & Friday, as these are busiest days for internet sales. The Watcher will be notified by email. If this doesn't yield any sales, I lower price back to original listing price and repeat process again. This tactic both reminds Buyer and may cause them to panic and buy now.