Take Apart and Paint Corsair DDR

Painting your DDR module heat spreader plates can give your custom PC build that extra detail. This guide by Mnpctech takes you through the steps in removing and taking apart your DDR heat spreaders for painted finish.

A lot of people have asked Mnpctech to create a guide for taking apart and painting the heat spreaders on their DDR memory modules. It's ok to paint your DDR heat spreaders, as they're painted by the factory. The heat will dissipate through the paint. This tutorial can be applied to any brand or model of heat sinks made by PC memory manufacturers. It will guide you through the steps in taking apart, dismantling, and painting your DDR heat spreader plates. I'll be using Corsair Vengeance DDR heat spreaders for this article and video guide.

Corsair's Vengeance DDR design reflects the majority of memory manufacturers for DDR3 and DDR4. They all attach the backside of the heat sinks with double sided thermal conductive tape. which applies directly onto the memory modules on the PCB. You will need a heat gun or hair dryer to remove the decal stickers on the DDR heat spreaders. The only tool you need is a small flat head screw driver.

Supplies & Tools:

Link to Heat Gun or Hair Dryer

Link to Micro Flat Head Screw Driver

Link to Red Scotchbrite Pad

Link to Autobody Paint Tack Cloth

Link to Rustoleum Automobile Primer

Link to Rustoleum Automobile Enamel, Harbor Blue, substitute for GULF PORSCHE Racing Blue Paint Color

Optional: Link Replace 3M Thermal conductive double sided tape on your DDR memory heat spreader plates.

Optional: Link Replace your old Thermal Conductive Silicone Tape on any DDR memory module

Reference Link: 3M Thermally conductive adhesive transfer tape material specification sheet

Corsair's Vengeance DDR is offered in Black, Red, and Blue colors from the factory. Your custom PC mod or project build could be a different color theme.This guide in taking apart and painting your DDR will show it's a very easy modification to perform yourself.

It doesn't take a lot of heat to remove the stickers on the Corsair Vengeance DDR heat sink heat spreaders. A hair dryer will also work for removing the corsair stickers. Using heat to remove the corsair factory decals avoids sticky adhesive residue.

Removing the last sticker from the Corsair DDR heat sink spreaders. It doesn't take a lot of heat, so a Hair dryer can be substituted instead of using Heat Gun.

Here is the Corsair DDR3 Vengeance heat spreaders after the factory decals are removed with the heat gun. The DDR heat spreaders are ready for taking them apart before we apply automotive primer base coat.

I found that a small or micro flat head screw driver work the best for prying open the sides of the Corsair Vengeance DDR heat spreader / heat sink plates. Each side of the Corsair Vengeance DDR3 and DDR4 have a flap on the heat spreaders that overlap one another. This is where you insert the flat head screw driver and gently pry apart the heat sink plates. If they're being stubborn, just apply more heat and try again.

Start on either side of DDR heat spreader and gently push off the heat sink plate with the flat head screwdriver.

Flip to the either side of DDR heat spreader and repeat the same thing with the screw driver head to gently pry apart the heat sink plates. If it's not cooperating, apply heat again with the heat gun or hair dryer.

Once the heat spreader plates start opening, you can use your fingers to pry open and separate the plates.

Peel away the green PCB with DDR memory modules away from the thermal conductive tape.

Corsair's thermal conductive double sided tape is very tacky after removing the plates, so I won't need to replace it on these Vengeance heat sink plates. If you do need to replace your tape, here is couple of online source I found for Thermal conductive heat transfer tape.

Using Red Scotchbrite pad to scuff surface of the Corsair DDR heat spreaders for primer basecoat

An alternative to Red Scotchbrite pad is medium grit sand paper. 400 grit would be sufficient.

Scuff the exterior side of the Corsair Vengeance DDR heat spreader plates. It only takes a minute of time.

Use clean cotton cloth or Automotive Tack Cloth to clean off the dust and dirt after scuffing the heat spreader plates

I'm using RUSTOLEUM brand Grey Automobile Primer and Gloss Protective Enamel spray paints. This paint is available in wide range of colors. You can find RUSTOLEUM spray paint on Amazon, Home Depot, LOWES, and most local Hardware Stores. The Harbor Blue enamel paint by Rustoleum worked as great substitute paint color for the Porsche Gulf Racing Blue color theme for my Cooler Master Mastercase 5 Racing Custom Gaming PC build.

(RUSTOLEUM Automobile Primer applied to Corsair Vengeance DDR memory heat spreaders (heat sink plates)

Please take the proper safety precautions before painting. Paint in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors in 70F - 80F temperature. Wear a filtered respirator mask. I applied 2 coats of the RUSTOLEUM primer coat in 5 minute intervals and allow it to cure for 45 minutes before I apply the color coat.

After the primer coat cured for 45 minutes, I applied four coats of the Rustoleum Harbor Blue enamel paint in five minute intervals. I will allow this paint to cure for 48 hours before I handle the DDR heat spreaders for re-assembly.

Here is the freshly painted Corsair Vengeance DDR re-installed into Gigabyte OC Force motherboard in CoolerMaster Mastercase 5. The liquid loop is stainless steel tubing, stainless steel 1/2" hard line compression fittings for the liquid cooling. GTX dual SLI video card water blocks and bridge are made by KOOLANCE store.

Thanks for checking out this DIY guide for taking apart and painting your DDR memory module heat spreaders. You can check out and follow progress on this CoolerMaster gaming PC build and case mod.