Rustoleum All Purpose Metallic Grey Paints Review

by Bill Owen
Rustoleum Review Metallic Grey All Purpose Paints Color Guide Comparison

Can there be too many shades of Metallic Grey paint? Maybe. In the video above I share an overview, review, and warning about RUST-OLEUM's new Universal Advanced Formula line of Metallic Grey color paints. I titled the video "Five shades of Metallic Grey" from Rust-Oleum's Universal 12 oz. All Surface Aged line of Metallic spray paints. I found myself perplexed about which of these five Grey paints to buy? Luckily my son has witnessed me do this before over floor tiles and he was very patient as I stood deliberating which one to buy at our Home Depot. I made the decision to buy all five and create a comparison video for anyone who may experience my same dilemma. Rust-oleum's Metallic paints are all purpose paint and primer in one with ultimate rust protection. You can spray paint on any surface at just about any angle with an excellent comfort trigger for the spray paint nozzel. All of these Rustoleum spray paints achieved a durable finish that helps prevent fading and chipping on your surface. I used the Antique Satin Nickel to transform a Corsair 570x PC chassis from a dull white to a nice Metallic Grey paint finish using Rustoeum's "Antique Satin Nickel" paint.

Here is my opinions based upon results with each Rust-Oleum All Surface Universal Metallic Grey Spray Paint in the video review. I do commissioned custom gaming PC case mods and PC builds that often require painting.

Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic "SATIN NICKEL" : "If you're seeking a paint that emulates the LOOK of bare aluminum finish, this is your color. It looks just like the 6061 aluminum we use to make our PC parts. TBH, It's REALLY just SILVER METALLIC masked as fancy name, "Satin Nickel"

Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic "ANTIQUE SATIN NICKEL": "Out of all the shades of grey here, in my opinion, this is a TRUE Gray Metallic color. So, if getting a "Metallic Grey" is need for your project, I suggest the "Antique Satin Nickel" "it's just sexy name for "MMMMetallic Grey"

Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic "DARK STEEL" : "The 1st thing I noticed is this Gray has a reflective shine on the surface, as if a high gloss clear coat was applied. It also has touch of BLUE. This paint would great on something with Dark Blue or Silver or Chrome accents."

Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic "WEATHERED STEEL" Grey: "This paint effect was the most disappointing of the 5. It doesn't create what I would describe as a "Weathered Effect" It really just globs onto the surface, creating this "caked on" top coat effect. Look at the edges of the GEAR cog."

Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic "FLAT SOFT IRON": "This is the darkest shade of Grey of the FIVE. To me, it looks more like a GRAPHITE GREY or Charcoal Grey, similar to the color of twill used in making Carbon Fiber sheets. This is really a great color, How would you use it?"

All of the Rust-oleum All Surface Metallic spray paints I share in this video are linked for purchasing below.