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Mnpctech's Pro Modder, Bill Owen will be modifying this Corsair 600c "Inverted" Mid Tower Case for the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This PC case mod is inspired by the "dark side" environment of the galactic empire from Star Wars movie series.The front bezel of the Corsair 600C will illuminated with vertical slots associated with the death star hallways and dock. These are often seen in scenes with Darth Vader. This will be the first 600c inverted case with a vertically mounted video card. We invest alot into our video cards, why not show them off? A lot of people have been buying our Black PCI-E video card cables to create their own vertical GPU case mods. This Corsair case mod will also have a custom PSU shroud that we'll custom paint. The tentative plan for the paint job is a combination of slate grey and dark red colors often associated with the galactic empire. and It will also pays homage to the upcoming "ROGUE ONE" movie that releases this December. Still debating if we should include our workshop apprentice, K-2SO droid in the build as well?

The factory bezel and right access panel of the Corsair 600c will be modified to reflect the iconic look of the death star and it's hallways. Should we illuminate bezel with white back lighting or use mesh to help improve it's airflow?

24 pin motherboard connector draped over top of the corsair 600c is a paracord extension from custom ATX 24 pin paracord sleeved power supply extension with billet cable combs by mnpctech

Mnpctech's Rogue-One PC mod with the Corsair 600C tower can be seen at Corsair's suite at #CES2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, January January 5 - 8, 2017.

This star wars rogue-one and K2SO inspired case mod was a lot of fun to imagine and create. It's also proof that you don't need sophisticated shop equipment to create something original and eye catching. Just take your time and have a clear plan for everything you want to create.

This was the first time Mnpctech created a vertical gpu mount in one of our PC case mods. We plan to manufacturer more of these unique brackets in our workshop for release in early 2017.

The 600C's inverted chassis layout was really fun to work around. It helped make this PC build more unique!

The Corsair H100i V2 cpu cooler is sandwiched between Corsair;s new 120mm RGB cooling fans.

The Gigabyte 1070 video card rests upon a support we made to insure it wouldn't be shaken while in transit to the Las Vegas Convention Center for 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Corsair 600c stripped down to the chassis and PSU shroud. We're going to expand upon the PSU shroud so it gives us a large canvas for our custom paint and rouge-one artwork. We'll share more later on this project page.

Using 100% Cast Clear acrylic from Mnpctech Case Mod Store to shroud the Corsair Power Supply area located above the motherboard. We will use WELD-ON acrylic cement from TAP Plastics to join the pieces together.

Now we have a proper full Power supply shroud for the Corsair 600c inverted chassis. We've confirmed the dimensions will still allow it to be removed and re-installed into the chassis without any issues.

Our K-2SO droid "case mod apprentice" is made by Big-Figs. He measures 20" tall and was only $22 shipped via Ebay. He lacks articulating elbows, but for $22 we really can't complain.

K-2SO model is laying out 233+ Scotch / 3M Masking tape to hold our acrylic pieces in place as they cure for 24 hours with WELD-ON acrylic cement.

Our PSU shroud has given us a bigger canvas to highlight some cool artwork. Should we do something with the Galactic Empire logo or something to highlight a ROGUE-ONE theme?

#K2SO droid from the Rogue One movie was a combination of hand brushed illustration and airbrushed highlights and shadows. The artwork was performed on the top panel of the Corsair's 600c mid tower. We're planning more artwork inspired by the "dark side" star wars on other portions of the case and chassis.

Brad Galvin holds up his artwork of K2SO droid on the panel of the Corsair 600C mid tower case. He uses IWATA brand professional airbrushes from COAST AIRBRUSH and custom paints by Minnesota's House of Kolor.

The Rogue One logo will also be painted onto the top panel with red cromax paint.

Corsair 600c power supply shroud hand painted by Brad Galvin with AT-AT Imperial Walkers and Death Star.

Planet horizon with alien mountain is an inspired scene from the new Rogue-One movie.

Brad added the Death Star to the horizon behind the alien mountain plains.

Here is the custom PSU shroud installed and the results look killer! The customized Corsair 600C power supply shroud made from 1/8" cast acrylic.

The artwork was hand painted by Brad Galvin.

Our bezel mod is inspired by the iconic illuminated hallway wall panels from the Death Star. Should we illuminate the bezel with white back lighting mod or add mesh to improve ventilation for the Corsair 600c?

Are you a Custom PC builder or Case Modder? Check out this Easy DIY Guide to Using your Dremel Rotary Tool to create designs into metal side panels or plastic bezel and other hard materials.

This is how our death star inspired design looks after using a hand file and sand paper to clean up the edges.

Nice work K-2SO, so what's next for our ROGUE-ONE case mod project? We've gotta hurry, we've only got 3 weeks to deliver it to Corsair's HQ in California.

Corsair 600 C front bezel with primer base coat. The next stage is applying the slate grey color from the interior footage of the Death Star.

The left access panel of the Corsair 600c will emulate the hallway wall panels from the Death Star.

Light Transmission White Acrylic sheet installed onto backside of the Corsair 600c front bezel

Superbright Darkside White LEDS will be mounted on opposing sides of the White Light Transfer acrylic sheet.

I made a 1.5" size hole in the front of the chassis to route the black sleeved cables from the lights in the bezel.

I used Mnpctech U-channel to create a small grommet hole of the darkside LEDS that illuminate the slots in the bezel of the Corsair 600C.

Here is the first look at my illuminated Corsair 600c case mod inspired by the Death Star hallway lights.

The lighting of the death star hallway slots is soft, like the one used for movie set in star wars.

I'm pleased with the final results. The case mod should be eye catching in Corsair's suite at CES 2017.

This is the layout design for the Death Star side panel inspired by it's hallway walls.

The steel left side access panel for the Corsair 600c mid tower PC case.

The mock-up panel design. The raised portions will be 1/4" tall with outside beveled edges.

The material I'm using is .5" thick 100% cast clear acrylic sheet by Chemcast.

The milled Death Star panel will be epoxied onto the Corsair 600C panel with Scotch weld DP-190.

Before the milled acrylic can be painted, you need to scuff the surface to create adhesion for the basecoat paint with Medium Scotchbrite pad.

Death star wall design attached to the left access panel of the Corsair 600 C case panel. Next stage will be painting it with primer base coat. Tentative plan is to paint the exterior of the PC in slate grey.

Star Wars Death Star inspired side panels were cnc machined from .5" thick cast acrylic. It's pictured in the paint booth with primer base coat. This will cure for 30 minutes before we can apply the color coat.

We asked visitors to the shop if they could identify the panel design. Two people guessed "Star Wars?" while another person thought it was from Star Trek?

Corsair 600 C chassis will be painted in Cromax CAS1034. The exterior will be CAS774 paint code for Grey.

Adding pigments for the Cromax RED automotive paint.

Semi-Gloss clear coat was applied over the Red Cromax automotive paint finish.

16GB Corsair Vengeance RED LED DDR4

16GB Corsair Vengeance RED LED DDR4 in Gigabyte Designare motherboard.

Corsair 600c with cromax red painted chassis with Corsair H100i AIO cpu cooler.

The motherboard is Gigabyte Z170X Designare

16GB Corsair Vengeance LED DDR installed in the Z170X motherboard.

Corsair H100i V2 custom painted in Cromax Red.

Vertical video card / GPU mounting bracket by Mnpctech

Before we get into more cutting and modding, let's see some of the hardware we've gathered for this project PC. We've enlisted the help of our rebel alliance friends at Corsair to supply everything to keep our system cool. Let's start with their new HD120 RGB LED high performance PC case fans. They combine great airflow with individually controlled RGB LEDs. Corsair fans are designed to perform quieter and provide the best airflow. The RGB LEDs allow you to create your own custom color theme. Since our theme is the Galactic Empire, we can program their RED color with static or pulse effect. Gigabyte, INTEL and other PC hardware manufacturers will be revealed over the coming weeks as other our project partners.

To control thermostatically control our six Corsair RGB 120mm PC cooling fans, our system will call upon Corsair's Commander Mini System fan speed controller with thermostat. This connects to your motherboard and any Corsair power supply with "Corsair LINK" capability.

Under control of an easy-access 3-button controller, set your Corsair HD RGB 120mm fans to stun with fading, breathing, blinking and other LED modes. The HD120 RGB LED fans are tailor-made for those seeking to make their custom PC build more personalized.

Our operating system and galactic empire military strategies for destroying the rebel alliance will be stored on this 240GB Corsair FORCE LE series SSD. The Corsair 600C case will allows for data expansion with two additional SSD mounting locations on the backside of the motherboard tray. You can also purchase 5.25" to 2.5" or 5.25" to 3.5" adapter bay for the two optical drive bays of you need more data storage.