Best RGB Hard line Water Cooled PETG PC Case Mod Lighting Effect Mod Guide

by Bill Owen
NEON RGB Hard line Water Cooled PC Case Mod Lighting Effect How To Guide

Lotuxi wanted her new custom RGB hard line water cooled gaming PC from Mnpctech to reflect her new Twitch Channel. She came to Modders, Bill and Jacques to create a truly unique Gaming PC setup. Use this Amazon Prime link to buy the Pacific RGB Fittings,

It was important that her Twitch Gaming PC mirrored her personal style and love for rainbows. She loved our pitch of her Gaming PC build / setup hard line watercooling tubes looking like real NEON RGB light tubes. Bill & Jacques quiclkly started tested and experimenting in different ways to achieve the best illumination of hard line PETG tubing. Lotuxi's RGB hardline Gaming PC would stand out from the crowd with the best illumination. This video guide to RGB hardline watercooling shares their test results and easy steps for getting the best RGB color and brightness in PETG hard tubes.. At the time of the recording of the RGB Fitting guide, the two most popular choices today are Alphacool's RGB Ring Fitting and Thermaltake Pacific RGB hardline hard compression tubing. Both products create a decent effect for custom RGB lighting effect on your water cooled PC build setup. The Alphacool version offers a very easy solution, by simply slipping the RGB fitting over 13mm or 16mm OD PETG tubing. The only complaint is that you need to cover your PETG tubing with several of these RGB rings. This can drive up costs quickly and you may not like the look on your PETG tubing. We also noticed the RGB Ring fittings by Alphacool had poor wiring that would easily change your colors unexpectedly. We brought this issue to Alphacool's attention, but they still haven't responded to us.Thermaltake's Pacific RGB is an actual compression fitting, versus Alphacool's RGB fitting is simply a ring that slides over your hardline watercooling tubes.

In this video guide, Bill and Jacques share in-depth tests on popular two PC hardware manufacturer RGB lighting in PETG hard line tubing for PC water cooling. They learn that Thermaltake's Pacific RGB Fittings are the best retail option for a real RGB hardtube lighting effect. After delivering Lotuxi's RGB hardline water cooled gaming PC, she expressed her PC is now the center focal point in her studio apartment. Often people who watch her Twitch live game streams will ask for a glimpse as her Gaming PC. Their reaction is always about how the RGB hardline water cooled tubes look like Neon lights.