Retro Gaming PC Build "DIY Case Mod Window Guide"

by Bill Owen
pc window mod kit cheap mnpctech rubber trim channel

Mnpctech's Bill Owen shares the steps for cutting and installing a window in a retro PC case from 1999. This PC case mod window guide revisits his popular PC Case Mod Window video from 2007. This was the very first popular case mod video on Youtube. Bill also reveals his DIY PC Case Mod Window Kit that you can purchase below.

Buy Bill's DIY PC Case Mod Window Kit,

2007 DIY PC Case Mod Window Video,

Tools & Supplies:

*Measuring Square

*Scotch #233 Green Masking Tape

*Dremel Rotary Tool,

*Reinforced #426 Dremel Cutting Wheels,

Black & Decker Power Jigsaw,

Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Window Sheets,

3M Clear 4010 Tape,

Mnpctech Black U-Channel Window Trim,

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Bill Owen's Mnpctech has been modding and building custom PCs since 2001. You can see some of the industry landmarks made by Mnpctech here,