find cheap retro pc mod blackfire4 uv led 80mm fan sleeved blue orange

Retro Gaming PC Fan A.C. Ryan BlackFire4 UV LED Fan - 80mm (GREEN Outside, ORANGE Inside)



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Give your Retro Gaming PC build an authentic look with a vintage AC Ryan UV-active 80mm cooling fan. These Blackfire4 fans are very hard to find today. They have 4 built-in UV LEDs to light themselves up with UV. Everyone wanted UV lighting in the early 2000s. it's time for your Retro PC to get UV-active!

The Blackfire4 UV-active colored acrylic fans were all the rage during the Pentium era for PC Modding. The vibrant clear colors look great in normal lighting. Once turned on, the 4x built-in UV LEDs provide the UV lighting for the fan to glow - an intriguing vibrant luminous effect. A great addition to Retro Gaming PC builds with retro PC case mods like side window blowholes, or your custom top or front blowholes.

A.C. Ryan UV cooling fan cables come pre-sleeved with color matching UV FlexSleeve.

  • Fan specifications:
  • Clear Acrylic with UV-active™
  • 80x80x25mm
  • Powered via 3pin fan connector or 4pin Molex power connector (both included)
  • Power consumption 1.3 watts
  • Fan Speed (RPM) 2500
  • Noise Level 22.18
  • Airflow (CFM) 32.37
  • LED light specifications:
  • 4x ultra bright UV LED
  • Luminous intensity : 4x 2000mcd
  • Power consumption : 0.32W
  • Powered via fan power

Package contains:

  • 80mm Clear UV-active™ fan with 4x UV LED light, 3pin fan power connector
  • with 3pin to 4pin Molex connector (with Molex pass through)
  • Fan mounting screws

Size & Color

  • 80mm
  • UVgreen frame with four UVorange leds