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Mnpctech BLACK NCASE M1 Vertical Video Card GPU Mounting Bracket, Silver

Mnpctech NCASE M1 Vertical Video Card GPU Mounting Bracket, Black (LIMITED NEW RELEASE PRICING)

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*Black NCASE M1 Vertical GPU Mounting Bracket requires cutting hole in rear of NCASE chassis for the monitor cable(s)

*This product wasn't designed for all NCASE system configurations. Bracket adds 1/2" length to your video card.

*Requires low profile CPU cooler (75mm or shorter) like the CRYORIG C7 used for the M1 build pictured on this page.

*A PCI-E riser cable is required to connect your video card to motherboard and sold separately as add-on.

*Optional "Stage 2" add-on allows you mount GPU with water block upside down, so inlet/outlet ports are on bottom.

Mnpctech's Black NCASE M1 Vertical GPU mounting bracket is first ever introduced to the custom PC market. It was designed and made by Mnpctech 01/08/2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Select "Notify" on this page, so you are emailed when this product is released.

You must remove the vertical bars with red outline in the rear exhaust grill of the NCASE M1.

You can use a tin snip or sheet metal sheer to cut out remove the vertical bars of the rear grill.