PC PSU Sleeving Kit



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Protect your wires and reduce messy cables to improve air flow!

Black and White Sleeving Kits consist of Flexcut Sleeviong by TechFlex. The UV Green kit is by OKGear.

Each PC PSU Cable Sleeving Kit includes

10ft - 1/8" sleeving
10ft - 1/4" sleeving
5ft - 3/8" sleeving
5ft - 1/2" sleeving

10-tie wraps

1 ft - 1/4" Heatshrink Tubing, 3:1 ratio
1 ft - 3/8" Heatshrink Tubing, 3:1 ratio
1 ft - 1/2" Heatshrink Tubing, 3:1 ratio

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