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Black Vinyl Films

APPLY BLACK VINYL FILMS to PC Power Supplies, PC Case panels, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Drive faces, Headphones, Bezel, PC Fan controllers,Toggle switchs etc.

Here is easy DIY guide to covering and customizing your flexible AMD Radeon Crossfire or Nvidia SLI Bridge with Black or any colored vinyl film.

Material & Supplies needed:

Matte Black Vinyl Film Sheet or any color Vinyl Film, HERE

Pen or Pencil

Scissors or X acto Knife or Razer Blade

AMD Radeon Crossfire Bridges typically look like this, but may have different manufacturer name.

We've chosen Matte Black Vinyl Film Sheet, but you can order a variety of colored vinyl films, HERE

Flip Crossfire bridge onto it's back and trace it onto paper backing of the Vinyl Film.

You can use Scissors or X acto knife to cut the vinyl film.

Peel paper backing, and apply to Crossfire bridge starting from one end to the other.

Use X acto knife or Razer blade to remove excess material.

Crossfire Bridge with Matte Black Vinyl film.

You can order a variety of colored vinyl films to fit your PC color scheme, HERE