Brushed Chrome Film



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Apply Brushed Chrome Vinyl Film Sheets. Looks and feels like real carbon fiber. Adheres to both flat and curved surfaces. Apply to Automobiles, PC Power Supplies, PC Cases, Smart phones, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Drive faces, Headphones, Bezel, Fan controllers, Toggle switches etc.

We are applying Brushed Aluminum Vinyl Film to this SSD. All you need is Pen, Scissors or Xacto knife, Ruler to cut the film.

Use a Pen or Pencil to trace around the SSD onto the backside of Brushed Chrome film.

You can use Xacto knife or Scissors to cut out the Brushed Chrome film.

Our piece of Brushed Chrome Aluminum vinyl film is cut!

The Brushed Chrome film has adhesive backside. You need to peel off the backing paper to apply the film.

Brushed Chrome film is applied. Use Xacto knife to remove any excess film from the edges.

The SSD installed. Brushed Chrome film is from