RGB PC Light Kit

The Darkside RBG LED strip is based on the highest quality Japanese LED microchips and custom design PCB with each set of 3 chip powered independently from the rest for improved failover. Custom PCB design packs 24 LED microchips in only 12" (30cm) strip.

Custom DarkSide PCB Light Strip Specifications
Length: 12' (30cm)
Width: 8mm
LED count: 24
Wire length: 16" (40cm)

Included Remote control is required to power up this RBG Light, but single controller can handle 3 strips with optional splitter cable.

Input power:12V
IR Remote control functions:
Number of pre-set colors: 16
Dim function
Number of build in patterns: 4

Attention: Controller requires 12V DC, you can either connect it to external DC adapter (not included) or use adapter cable. Both items can be added as extras with discount.

Complete package includes everything to illuminate your custom computer or case mod project. 1x 12V RBG LED...

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Add a second 12" Darkside RGB LED Light Strip Kit. RGB will not work as stand alone and requires this Complete RGB LED Kit ....

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