5mm Blue DarkSide CONNECT Modular Tailed LED Black Sleeved

5mm Blue DarkSide CONNECT Modular Tailed LED Black Sleeved



LED 3 pin splitter cable
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LED Color: Blue
LED Head Size: 5mm
Operating voltage: ~6v-12v (min-to-max brightness)
Power Wire Type: 40cm (16"), modular (CONNECT Female)
Sleeving: Black high density cable sleeving

Light up your PC & Case Mods with Darkside 5mm Blue LEDs. Each Darkside pre-tailed Blue LED comes equipped with a Black sleeved 2-pin motherboard connector for easy installation. Just plug it in and illuminate your PC Case mods. Use them to replace your Blue PC power LED or Hard Drive (HD) activity LED. You can also use this 5mm Blue LED to Illuminate your CPU water block, 5.25 bay reservoir, cylinder tube reservoir, clear water pump top cover, graphics (gpu) card water blocks, graphics (gpu) card water bridges, north and south bridge water blocks.

DarkSide Connect Blue LED introduces a modular power cable design. It allows you to select the best power cable for your modding 5mm LED. It also makes it easy to change to another type of connectivity without replacing the entire LED product or/and combine it with other LED CONNECT products.

Each 5mm Blue LED has a pre-sleeved 16" (40cm) wire with female CONNECT connector. Optional male CONNECT power cable (10cm (4")) can be added by selecting desired model from the drop down menu. DarkSide Connect 5mm LED will help you with building your unique computer to perfection.