Turntable Audiophile Sorbothane Isonoe Sorbo Gel Isolation Large Mnpctech

Technics SL-1000R Turntable Sorbothane Isolation Silver Aluminum Pedestal Feet (Set of 4)



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Replace your TECHNICS SL-1000R Turntable stock feet with Mnpctech Large Sorbothane Isolation Audiophile feet. Each foot has silver 6061 machined aluminum cover with M6 screw. Our feet will help eliminate and isolate vibration. Neoprene bottom foot prevents scratches on audio stand or furniture surfaces.

Each Mnpctech Large Sorbothane Isolation foot measures 35mm (1.57") tall x 75mm (2.95") wide.

(For Custom Turntable Plinth Inquires) The sorbothane isolators compress and expand, so depending on weight of turntable, estimate their height to shrink to 15mm - 20mm tall, with overall diameter expanding 45mm - 50mm.

Mnpctech's Sorbothane Isolator feet are "preferred" by Michael Fremer over the Technics SL-1000R factory feet. "Another experiment involved swapping out the SL-1000R feet for three more massive, wider-diameter feet ($49.99 each) from MNPCTech, in which a neoprene insert does most of the isolating. I ended up preferring the MNCTech feet." You can read his long term analysis of the Technics SL-1000R turntable in the November 2018 issue of Stereophile Magazine.