PC Fan Duct 4" ID x 4.5" Length

PC Fan Duct 4" ID x 4.5" Length



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Black PVC Plastic PC Cooling Fan or CPU Duct for 120mm Fan or Port Tube for your custom made sub woofer or speaker cabinet. A speaker port tube can contribute to lowering frequency output of your custom speaker system.

4-1/8" (99mm) Inner diameter x 4.5" (115mm) length.

Flange end measures 4-7/8" (122mm)

Cut a hole straight through your front bezel to 60mm size fan. Measure space between fan and bezel opening. Use saw to cut tube down to proper length to create direct air cooling. Also use as side air duct to CPU. Can be used as a port tube for your custom speaker or sub woofer cabinet box builds.

Enter name, address, and email below for your chance to win the MNPCTECH CARBON FIBER GPU SUPPORT BRACKET. One Random Winner will be emailed Tracking on 9/22/17. OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES!!

9/13/17: Included screws updated to black 6/32 pan head machine screws with washers.

To celebrate the success of our custom GPU Support arm brackets, Mnpctech has created an limited edition 100% real carbon fiber GPU support bracket. Carbon Fiber allows us to make a design that is very sleek and simple without concern about the structural support strength.

This GPU support bracket works with all manufacturer video card models including reference, non-reference and video cards with GPU water blocks.

Mnpctech "Limited-Edition" Carbon Fiber GPU support bracket includes:

1x 100% Carbon Fiber bracket with angle slots for height adjustment of the bumper cushion.

2x Black anodized stainless steel 6/32 thread flat head PCI slot mounting screws.

1x Black anodized machined aluminum adjustable pedestal with Black rubber cushion with two 6/32 screws pre-installed.


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