Mnpctech 120mm Turbine PC Fan Black Blades 1.5" Nose

Mnpctech 120mm Turbine PC Fan Black Blades 1.5" Nose



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Mnpctech 120mm Turbine PC Fan with Silver Milled Aluminum Frame and Black painted propeller blades with 1.5" Nose. It measures 122 x 122 x 25mm.

Wire safety guard to protect you from fan blades.
3 pin power connection
Polished aluminum frame fan
Plastic fan blades painted Matte Black
Ball bearing
rpm monitoring
2000 rpm
79.4 cfm
30 dBA


Build your own 120mm Turbine Fan Mod and Combine 120mm Overkill Turbine PC Fans with Mnpctech's "Overkill Rings" for Jet engine style intakes on your Custom Gaming or Overclocked PC Build.

Mnpctech's 120mm Overkill Ring is cnc milled from 1/2" thick 6061 aluminum.

The frame is milled from aluminum and then polished. The fan blades are plastic with chrome plating. The center spinner is added by Mnpctech. It's hollow and constructed from light weight cast aluminum. It protrudes 1.5". The Turbine fan includes 3 pin power connection with rpm monitoring. It includes chrome plated wire fan guard (not pictured).

These 120mm Turbine fans are rated at 2000 rpm and produces 79.4 cfm @ 30 dBA

The idea of mating the 120mm Turbine PC Fan with this new intake duct slapped me across the face while processing an order for one. I quickly glanced around the shop for a candidate case for installing them together.

The chassis is the AMS Electronics CF-1009 mid tower. Unfortunately these cases were discontinued several years ago. I chose this case for installing the fans and intake ducts because of it's flat bezel. Any computer case with a flat bezel is ideal for creating this look. Antec, CaseLabs, Corsair, Fractal Design, Lian Li, NZXT, Rosewill and Thermaltake offer several case models with flat bezels.

The Turbine fans are sold with protective wire fan guards, not shown. You can use the 120mm Overkill Fan "Ring" with any 120mm size cooling fan. You can mount the rings on the front bezel of a computer case bezel like we've done. Another option is covering an exhaust fan located in your top or 120mm gpu cooling fans your side panel. Just use your imagination!