PC Liquid Bottle

Mnpctech PC Cooling Liquid Fill Squeeze Bottle has Extendable Brass Nozzle. Avoid spills when filling or re-filling your PC liquid loop. The squeeze bottle measures 3" Diameter, 10-1/4" and 16-1/2" High. The extended nozzle makes filling your PC water cooling reservoir easy. It also allows you to reach reservoirs made by brands that include Alphacool, Aquacomputer, Bitspower, EK, Enzotech, Heatkiller, Koolance, Monsoon, Primochill, Thermaltake, and XSPC.

  • Squeeze Bottle dispenser for distilled water
  • Brass nozzle extends up to 6 3/4 inches with Twist Shut Off valve.
  • Use the dispenser up side down, squirt fluid into tight spots.
  • Not recommended for use with solvents, chemicals, acids.