Hard-Line Fittings

Mnpctech makes Overkill hard-line compression fittings from 316 marine grade stainless steel. You can utilize our fittings with rigid acrylic tube, petg tube, stainless steel tube, brass and copper tubes. Because of its outstanding anti-corrosive properties, you'll find 316 stainless steel used in the following applications: food preparation equipment, pharmaceutical, marine, boat fittings, and medical implants (i.e- orthopaedic implants). Laing Thermotech DDC and D5 water pumps are the most popular in the PC water cooling industry. They're branded and sold by Alphacool, Bitspower, EK, Phoyba, Swiftech and XSPC and all use wetted 316 stainless steel rotor impellers.

Fitting includes two O-rings made from Chemical-Resistant VitonĀ® Fluoroelastomer.

Mnpctech are products are made in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.