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Alphacool Aurora HardTube LED Acrylic or PETG Ring 13mm Deep Black - RGB (15323)

Alphacool Aurora HardTube LED Acrylic or PETG Ring 13mm Deep Black - RGB (15323)

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$10.99 per fitting.

Alphacool 13mm OD RGB LED rings for 13mm O.D. HardTubes. They offer custom lighting on your desired water loop locations, providing there's no angled tubing beyond 35 degrees. You can attach them to colored or clear acrylic and PETG liquid cool tubing.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions (DxH): 25 x 20mm
  • Casing: plastic, deep black with soft-touch finish
  • LED colour: RGB
  • Cable: RGB male connector 15cm

The Aurora Hardtube rings are made of black plastic and utilize three bright RGB LEDs inside. The soft-touch outer finish is exactly the same as the finish used on Alphacool's Eisbaer. I've chosen 13mm OD size to use with Mnpctech 1/2" Outter Diameter PETG Clear Tubing. I always use the clear PETG liquid tubing from Mnpctech in my client PC builds. It's made with 100% pure Glycol and 1/16" wall, so it doesn't deform under heat like other PETG tubes.

The rings are made of plastic and fitted with three bright RGB LEDs inside. The soft-touch black exterior matches the finish on Alhacool's Eisbaer cpu cooler. I like this idea of illuminating your hard tubing with the Aurora HardTube RGB LED rings. Each ring is made to slide over any transparent acrylic or PETG Hard Tube. They come in either 13mm or 16mm O.D. They provide a bright light at desired position on straight tubing. Alphacool doesn't mention they won't slide over tubing with 35 degree or larger angles. They illuminate both the edges of your hard tubing loop and the coolant inside.

4 pin power cable on Alphacool Aurora RGB LED ring. It measures 15 centimeters or 5". The connection design lacks "friction fit" or latch. I had to often re-connect the Aurora RGB LED rings after moving their cables in the chassis.

Purple UV projects from both sides of the ring. Three LEDs are inside the Aurora HardTube RGB LED ring.

Aurora HardTube RGB LED ring over 13mm OD Clear PETG tubing. Alphacool states "Aurora RGB LED HardTube ring is the perfect way to light up HardTubes. The Aurora RGB LED rings simply slide onto the HardTube. This unique solution provides various ways to customize the individual appearance of your system.

I measured the light spread of the 13mm O.D. Alphacool hardtube RGB ring on clear PETG tubing. It's a bit underwhelming, unless you're fine in covering your tubing with rings every 2". The rings cost $12.49 each, so that approach can get real costly.

To create greater illumination in your water cooling loop, you'll need a Alphacool hard tube RGB ring placed every 1.25" or 31mm. If you have a full tower build with two loops, these rings could be a huge investment at $12.49 per ring. I don't like the idea of my tubing looking like engine cam shafts. I started wondering how I could extend the light spread and use less rings.

I know that frosting acrylic can improve upon light illumination. I've scuffed the outside of alphacool aurora hardtube RGB rings with 3M medium grit scotchbrite pad. Above photo compares scuffed PETG tubing and factory stock Mnpctech Clear PETG tubing.

Scuffing the exterior surface of the PETG achieved 1.25" wider light spread with the Alphacool Aurora RGB hardtube ring. It's very easy, just rub the outside of the tubing until it has consistent frosted-look finish. The 4-pin RGB female connectors are shielded to protect from shorting.

Alphacool Aurora HardTube RGB LED ring 13mm OD installed onto "scuffed exterior" clear PETG cooling tube. Three 13mm Alphacool Aurora HardTube RGB LED rings attached onto vertical PETG liquid tube. This clear PETG tube goes from D5 water pump to the top of 360mm Alphacool Nexxos radiator. It measures 13" long.

NEON light tube effect was achieved by scuffing the exterior of the clear PETG tubing. I used a total of twelve Alphacool Aurora HardTube RGB LED rings to create this type of effect in a Corsair Crystal 570x case.

The Alphacool Aurora HardTube RGB LED rings were suggested for our "Penta B" gaming PC build series. This is a new build a PC episode series that will debut on Mnpctech youtube channel. The client wanted the liquid tubing to illuminate like neon lighting. We will be comparing the Alphacool Aurora HardTube RGB LED rings to a competitor in the PC build series. We'll also experiment with different modifications to the tubing may improve luminosity of the LED rings. We chose clear PETG tubing in 13mm OD for this review. I share one of the modifications in this review below.

The case I'm using for this review is the Corsair Crystal 570X. The tubing from the GPU to water pump has dead spot because you can't slide Alphacool Aurora HardTube RGB LED ring over angles over 35 degrees. The cpu waterblock is XSPC Raystorm. The front radiator is 360mm Hardware Labs Black Ice. The compression fittings are 1/2" OD Monsoon Hardline Economy. The reservoir is EKWB XRES 100 with Laing DDC water pump. The GPU water block is Nickel EK-FC1080 GTX Ti with custom painted "Kandy Red" back plate.