240mm, 2x120, 240 Mnpctech Billet Aluminum Radiator Grills, Black

240mm, 2x120, 240 Mnpctech Billet Aluminum Radiator Grills, Black



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MNPCTech Pro-line 2x120mm "240" degree rotating center radiator grills! Now you can have any look you wish with the slots of the radiator grill. Whether you like horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or any mixture of these. You can use them on any brand 2.120mm, 2x120mm, 240mm radiator by companines that include Corsair, EK, Black Ice Hardware labs, Alphacool, Aqua Computer, Magicool, Watercool, and XSPC radiators.


  • Designed and Machined by Mnpctech in 6061 billet aluminum.
  • Machined Bare Aluminum Finish.
  • Black Anodized Color
  • 2 piece grill with 360 degree manual adjustable center


  • Measurements: 306mm x 140mm x 5mm
  • Industry Standard 15mm Fan-Spacing

Antec Kuhler 240mm Radiator Grill, Artic Cooling Freezer 240mm Radiator Grill, EK EKWB 240mm Radiator Grill, Cooler Master MasterLiquid 240mm Radiator Grill, Corsair 240mm H100, H100i V1, H100i V2 Radiator Grill, CRYORIG A40 240mm Radiator Grill, PC Cooler Freeze 240mm Radiator Grill, Fractal Design 240mm Celsius Radiator Grill, Enermax Liqmax 240mm Radiator Grill, EVGA CLC 240mm Radiator Grill, NZXT Kraken 240mm AIo Radiator Grill, Primochill EximoSX 240mm Radiator Grill, Thermaltake Floe AIO 240mm Radiator Grill.