PC Bar Handles



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Gaming PC Carry Handles are made from solid 3/8" diameter Stainless Steel.

Sold in pairs. Includes 4, M3 screws and surface washers.

Two mounting holes are spaced 5-1/16"

3/8" width x 5-3/8" length x 1-3/8" tall

Silver Only.

Use these durable stainless steel handles on Kitchen Cabinets or Drawers.

Also use these beautiful stainless steel handles on Server Racks.

Can also be used on Workshop Cabinets.

Great for carrying your Gaming PC or custom case to LAN gaming events.

Stainless Steel handles are Elegant, yet very durable for many types of applications and uses on different hardware.

Excellent choice for carrying and traveling with your mobile computer hardware or even military equipment.