#NZXT H440 Front Panel Grill Mod Improves Airflow

I created this DIY video mod guide to share my steps in modifying the #NZXT H440 Computer case front bezel panel to help improve airflow. This easy DIY case mod guide can also be used on any H-series case by NZXT. These include the #NZXT H630 and #NZXT H230 front panels. Apply these stages to other computer cases with a restrictive front bezel. These other cases can include Thermaltake, Fractal Design, Phanteks EVOLV, Cooler Master.

DIY Supplies for #NZXT H440 Front Panel grill mod:
*Scotch 233+Green Masking Tape.
*Mnpctech Modders Mesh Round Hole Sheet.
*Red Scotchbrite Pad, Medium Grit.
*Tack Cloth.
*Filtered Respirator Mask.
*SEM Self Etching Primer, Black.
*RUSTOLEUM Painters Touch Gloss Black.
*ScotchWeld DP-190 Transparent Epoxy.
*Rubber Gloves.

NZXT #H440 Front Panel Grill Mod Tools Needed or Suggested:
*Safety Glasses or Goggles.
*Ruler or Measuring Square & Pencil.
*Rotary Tools with 1.5" Reinforced Cut-Off Wheel Attachment.
*Jigsaw with 18 TPI Bi-Metal Cutting Blade.
*Hand File.