Mnpctech VLOG III, Supermicro Gaming Workstation, Bitfenix Fail, NZXT S340, Red Belly Piranhas, Copper Rulers

Mnpctech's Bill Owen shares his third VLOG from Dirt design's Custom Paint Shop. Mosquito unboxes Supermicro's first Gaming PC SYS-5038AD-T Workstation. Mnpctech customer, Foamy shares his frustration with Bitfenix's "Survivor" Mid Tower Case. Noobas4urus unboxes the new NZXT S340 MATX case. Bill captures Scott Bruins Brushless R/C Car jump and lose it's HDGoCam. He also learns that Red Bellied Piranhas are not as fierce as people think. We get glimpse at Mnpctech's limited edition Copper PC Mod & Reference Rulers.