Isolate vibrations from Audio Compact Disc CD Player for sale

CD Player / Compact Disc Isolation Feet / Pads

CD Player Isolation Pads



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Isolate vibrations from your Audio CD Player.

  • EVA acoustic poly metric foam core feet / pads with neoprene top and bottom layer.
  • Each CD Compact Disc Player isolation foot / pad measures 2" x 2" x 7/8" tall.
  • Pads help reduce vibrations from your Compact Disc CD Player.
  • Decouple vibrations from your CD Player feet in your home audio system.
  • A great isolation solution for your stereo CD Player.
  • Universal fit, so they work under all audio CD or Compact Disc Player Component brands and models.
  • No need for tools. Simply place isolation pad under each foot of your CD Player.

Mnpctech CD Player Isolation Pads are easy to use and isolation vibrations.

Mnpctech's CD Player Isolation Pads utilized on Dave's ROTEL. Just place them under your CD Player.

Simply place each vibration isolation pad under the feet on your CD Player.

Vibration Isolation pads are compatible with all brands and model CD Players.

Decouple those bad vibrations emitting from your audio cd player with these black isolation square foam pads.

CD players are mechanized with a motor inside that will create vibrations. Isolate those vibrations with these foam pads.