Cassette Player Vibration Isolation Pads / Feet

Cassette Player & Recorder Vibration Isolation Pads / Feet

Home Stereo Cassette Tape Player Isolation Feet / Pads



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Your easy and cheap solution to Isolate vibrations coming from your Home Audio Stereo Cassette Player / Recorder.

  • EVA acoustic poly metric foam core feet / pads with neoprene top and bottom layer.
  • Each Home Stereo Tape Cassette Player / Recorder isolation foot / pad measures 2" x 2" x 7/8" tall.
  • Pads help reduce vibrations from your Cassette Tape Player / Record Player.
  • Decouple vibrations from your Audio Cassette Player / Recorder Feet in your home audio system.
  • A great isolation solution for your stereo Cassette Player Recorder feet.
  • Universal fit, so they work under all Stereo Cassette Player Component brands and models.
  • No need for tools. Simply place isolation foot pad under each foot of your Cassette Tape Player.

Easy to Use, Black Foam Vibration Isolation Pads / Feet for All Home Audio Cassette Tape Players.

Black Foam EVA Foam Anti-Vibration Isolation Foam Pads underneath Vintage TEAC Cassette Player.

These Black Foam Audio Isolation Pads can also be used under Reel to Reel Tape Players & Recorders.

The Vibration Isolation Pads can be used other brand Cassette Player / recorders that include SONY, AKAI, TECHNICS, and TEAC

Other brand Cassette Player Recorders include SANYO, JVC, DENON, MARANTZ, LUXMAN, and SANSUI

The Black foam isolation pads / feet are great solution for isolating vibrations emitting from your Cassette Player / Recorder.