InWin 301 MATX Mini Gaming Case Unboxing & Review

InWin 301 Tempered Glass MATX Mini Tower Computer Gaming Case Photos. Mnpctech shares a LIVE Unboxing and Review Video of the InWin 301 (below) on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

In Win 301 retail is $69.99 and released on May 15th, 2017. You can order the Black or White In-Win 301, HERE

In the video livestream of the In-Win 301, Mosquito (MosquitoMods) and Bill Owen (Mnpctech) share overview and brainstorm the ideal DIY watercooling cooling loop for the Win 301 MATX Case that retails for $69.99.

In Win 301 Liquid Watercool Loop parts in the livestream video.

1x Hardware Labs Black Ice GTS 250 Xflo Radiator (front)

(Optional 240mm radiator in floor of Inwin 301 MATX was a Darkside Dual LP240 Extra Slim Radiator )

1x EK-XRES 100 DDC MX - Acetal1x DDC Waterpump1x XSPC RAYSTORM CPU Waterblock

System Parts used in 301 Inwin build video

1x Gigabyte G1-gaming ITX Motherboard

1x Gigabyte Windforce 3 GTX with EK waterblock

Reviewing gaming cases is very subjective to personal taste. This market has become over saturated with an array of styles and standardized features. It's become harder to improve upon and reinvent the gaming case, but InWin continues to keep impressing me with their designs. I can assure you that it's $69.99 price will make this case very popular with enthusiast PC builders, Gamers, DIY liquid coolers, PC Modders, and Overclockers.

I'll be sharing a LIVE overview of the Inwin 301 MATX gaming case on my Fanpage and YouTube channel on May 17th, 2017. I will also be periodically posting updates to this page of people's Inwin 301 builds and case mods. that will include DIY guide on taking it apart for custom paint, and share any other modifications I create for it.

Let's take a closer look at this very unique MATX gaming chassis before we do the Livestream.

  • InWin High quality 1.2mm SECC Steel Enclosure
  • Left Side Removable Tempered Glass Side Access Panel with Quick Release Latch
  • Supports 240mm size Liquid Cooling Radiator in Front
  • Supports 120mm size Liquid Cooling Radiator in Rear
  • Metal Video Card Holder Supports Longer Graphics Cards
  • Top Chamber Power Supply Shroud / Cover
  • InWin 301 is a Compact MATX Case that supports high performance PC hardware

  • The Inwin 301's Tempered Glass side panel is easily removed with a simple release latch. I would like to see more PC chassis manufacturers implement this clever approach.

    There is slight gradient tint along the front and top edge of the Inwin 301 window.

    Close-up of Latch design on the Inwin 301 gaming chassis tempered glass side panel window.

    To help cooling in the Inwin 301 chassis, the right side panel of the In Win 301 has Octagon shaped air hole perforations. Inwin's factory created a dye to stamp this unique ventilation hole design.

    The right side access panel is 1.2mm thick steel and is fastened on with two black thumbscrews.

    Backside of the Inwin 301's unique perforated ventilation holes.

    The chassis is powder coated Black and includes a Power Supply shroud. You will need to install your own cooling fans in the Inwin 301. The In-Win 301 MATX gaming chassis doesn't include cooling fans from the factory.

    PC cooling fan sizes the Inwin 301 Gaming Chassis supports

    Front: 2x 120mm size cooling fans.

    Rear: 1x 120mm size cooling fan.

    Bottom: 2x 120mm size cooling fans. (Note: 2nd fan will occupy space for the bottom PCI-E slot)

    The Inwin 301 gaming chassis will only accept MATX or ITX size motherboards. The maximum size CPU/Heatsink that will fit the Inwin 301 is 158mm tall or 6.22" tall.

    The floor of the Inwin 301 has large Octagon shaped ventilation holes with a removable screen filter. The Inwin 301 rests upon a rugged black ABS plastic pedestal instead of individual case feet.

    PC radiator sizes the Inwin 301 Gaming Chassis supports

    Front: 120mm/240mm size cooling radiator.

    Rear: 1x 120mm size cooling radiator.

    The Inwin 301 has one filter, it's located on the bottom and easily slides out for cleaning.

    The InWin 301 rests upon two black pedestals that are made from durable ABS plastic.

    Ample airflow beneath the Inwin 301 chassis. I recommend creating a positive-pressure cooling fan configuration that draws in the cool air from the floor, and out of the rear 120mm fan and the PSU intake fan.

    The front I/O panel wires and cables are covered with Black ABS plastic cover. This cover is removed with two black 6/32 thread screws.

    The single plastic SSD tray location easily slides out and clips into position.

    I really like the discrete and easy to access location of the SSD tray in the Inwin 301 Gaming Chassis.

    Space to hide wires and cables is very limited behind the motherboard of the InWin 301. However, the MATX gaming chassis will fit ATX power supplies that measure up to 160mm long or 6.29"

    The front dual 120mm cooling fan bracket is removable. It's held in place with four black 6/32 thread pan head screws.

    The InWin 301 gaming chassis incorporates the motherboard plate with the power supply shroud.

    The I/O panel wires are covered with this removable black ABS plastic cover.

    The Inwin 301's front cooling fan & radiator mounting bracket is black powder coated steel and will hold two 120mm fans or 240mm radiators.

    I'm impressed that the Inwin 301 will fit an 240mm X-flo or Crossflow Radiator.

    The radiator I'm test fitting is a Hardware Labs GTS Black Ice 240mm Stealth Xflo radiator

    The front panel on the Inwin 301 isn't removable. There is a headphone and microphone port and two USB 2.0 ports. The I/O is cleverly back lit with an LED light.

    With all the different styles of MATX gaming cases, searching for one that suits your tastes can be daunting, but InWin managed to deliver all of the right features in a compact design that doesn't compromise usability and performance. After spending 2 days dissecting the Inwin 301, I found it to be an overall smart design, but I do think some high performance systems may struggle with the limited front air ventilation. The InWin 301's fit and finish and $69.99 retail price should make it a landmark product for our industry.

    *Excellent Build Quality, Fit & Finish.
    *Quick release latch on tempered glass panel.
    *Fits ATX power supplies without compromising it's compact size.
    *SSD tray location and easy access.
    *Pricing is very reasonable.
    *Fits 240mm Xflo & Cross flow Radiators in front.
    *Illuminated front I/O.

    *Poor Front ventilation.
    *Lacks removable front bezel.
    *No fans are included.
    *Lack of space behind motherboard for cables.


    You could modify the front of the case with additional ventilation holes.