How do I get sponsorship for my Custom PC Case Mod Build? and Who is Mod Unlimited?

by Bill Owen
how to get pc case mod sponsored

"Any advice on how to get my PC build sponsored?"

Mod Unlimited is an option, but understand PC hardware manufacturers use it to filter the right individuals. You must possess the first three traits I've listed below to be chosen. I encourage you to also reach out to manufacturers on your own as well.

1. Strong social media presence. (Facebook fanpage, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube)

2. Excellent Photography skills. (I'll add "decent knowledge of lenses, lighting, presentation")

3. Youtube channel with good personality and video production. ("engaging content, good lighting, audio, and understanding of SEO metrics)

Utilizing forum worklogs to find your audience has diminished under the social wave. Even Mod Unlimited states Worklog URL as Optional.

I'm adding fourth trait that is very important to your own assets and gaining future opportunities.

4. Website.

In additional to Social, you need to have your own website for hosting pics, contact, BIO, gallery portfolio. You should be blogging and archiving projects on your own website and understand SEO. You want your work to be discovered in web search engines. This is how I've landed some my biggest paying gigs. The big fish use search engines to find talent. They don't waste time searching through facebook and instagram. The social media algorithms continue to get more finicky about what content reaches your friends and followers.

Relying on the free Social Media platforms alone is foolish.
1. Your work quickly becomes yesterday's news.
2. facebook group content is blocked from search engines
3. No guarantee your content and photos are saved if your account is hacked.
4. Facebook or other social referral link posts don't get love on reddit.
5. Reach to followers continues to diminish under need for revenue (Boosted / paid posts).

The people I personally know who are getting the good quality sponsored parts, have all four of those assets.

It's actually a real btich now to get traction with a startup YT channel. I've been mentoring a good friend who recently started a hardware review channel. He's got the good looks, and production skills, but there's just too many KIDS with the same idea on Youtube now. The 2018 Youtube algorithm update isn't kind to any small channel. As a "Pro PC Builder & Modder" you really need a big manufacturer willing to share your content on their Social channels. It's almost impossible to catapult your videos without one. All you can do is hope that your video gets archived into "Suggested" video feed behind a more popular Youtube video like Linus Tech Tips, JayzTwoCents, Paul's Hardware, and BitWit channels etc. You won't know for at least a month after publishing the video if it's made the suggestion list.