How To Add Google AdSense to CS-Cart Store

by Bill Owen
How To Add Google AdSense to CS-Cart Store

Cs-Cart is a secure and full-featured Online Shopping Cart Software with powerful Multi-Vendor script and complete set of powerful ecommerce and store SEO options to create a successful platform for selling your products.

Google AdSense by Google allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to market text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that can be targeted to consumers interested in your website or retail store's online content. These advertisements are administered and maintained by Google. They generate revenue on either a per-click or per-impression basis. You need to register and setup payment method with Google AdSense. After registering with Google AdSense, you will be given an HTML code to connect your CS-Cart. Follow steps below for adding the Google AdSense code to your CS-Cart store. Your AdSense code will require 2 - 3 business days to be approved after it's been published in your CS-Cart store.

When adding your Google AdSense activation code to your Cs-Cart store's HTML, make sure you place it on a page with sufficient content and visitors. The more pages you add your code to, the better results you will achieve. We we're making money within an hour after Google AdSense approved and activated our code.

Please follow these instructions to add any code to a page in your Cs-Cart web store:

1) in the Administration panel, open Settings -> Appearance

2) select Do not use for the Default wysiwyg editor option and click Save

3) then, in the Administration panel, open Design -> Layouts

4) select a Layout page where you want to add your code, for example Homepage

5) add a new grid or select an existing grid, then click + button on the grid and click Add block button

6) switch to the Create New Block tab and click on the HTML block

7) specify the name of the block in the Name field and switch to the Content tab

8) paste your code into the Content field and click Create button

9) clear cache and check the results

10) when you inserted the code, you can enable the wysiwyg editor again

We also recommend you to check the following section of CS-Cart's user guide: