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Hoodlum Welding & Grinding Helmet Mask Burning Skull



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Hoodlum Grinding & Welding Helmet Burning Skull comes with adjustable head gear and #10 flip up lens.

All Hoodlum Welding Masks are C.E. approved!

This store page is for ordering hoodlum custom welding masks for sale. Buying hoodlum custom skull welding masks. Hoodlum is known for making the best welding masks. Many welders believe Hoodlum welding masks are cool. Many welders have preferred Hoodlum character welding masks over boring 3m welding masks. Cheap welding masks are not safe. Use a custom hoodlum welding mask for safety. Hoodlum welding masks will allow you to swap out to auto darkening lenses, similar to Airgas and Miller welding masks.