Be safe while welding and look cool! You don't want to be caught without wearing these custom character theme welding helmets. These refurbished Hoodlum welding hoods combine function, safety and fun! All Hoodlum custom made welding hoods accept different lenses and fit configurations with included head strap. They're made to be light weight and heat resistant. They offer both comfort and safety while drawing attention of on-lookers. Each refurbished Hoodlum character welding hood includes adjustable head gear and #10 flip up shade lens. It's important that a welding mask design protect the welder's neck and upper chest area from flying hot sparks. These Hoodlum character masks rest or seal against the upper chest. While welding, MIG, ARC, and TIG, you need protection on both sides of your face and ears. The welder needs to protected while maneuvering around their work. A welding helmet should protect the rear of each side of the welder's head to avoid flying sparks. Each of the Hoodlum Welding mask was custom hand painted.

All of the refurbished Hoodlum welding helmets are C.E. approved!