Use Mnpctech To Advertise Your Video Game Release.

by Bill Owen
MNPCTech to Advertise Your Video Game

Using Mnpctech to Advertise Your Game Console or Desktop PC Video Game.

Crunch Time is upon your new game launch!

If you're on track to go gold any day now and you want to do everything you can to ensure your game is a hit, then you will need a good bit of publicity to make that happen.

Keeping useful dev blogs and video content will always be a step in the right direction for maintaining a fan base, but if you're trying to break out of your niche, you need something that will draw attention and drive traffic.

Mnpctech is one of the leading purveyors of custom-built PCs and providers of digital content that is proven to garner hype for upcoming projects.

Why You Should Use Mnpctech to Advertise Your PC Video Game.

• Mnpctech has a large audience in the case-modding niche that has great overlap with the PC Gaming market.

• Mnpctech as a Case Mod and PC Modding store has over 1300 pages and averages over 40,000 users of site traffic every year*

• The Mnpctech Facebook Group has over 40,000 likes and approximately 3000 active members.

• The YouTube Channel has nearly 73,000 subscribers and over 25 million collective video views.

If you are looking for strategic and savvy ways to market your up and coming media release, Mnpctech provides a complete market eco-system filled with an established user base that directly overlaps with your target demographic.

*=Based on metrics pulled from August 2018 to August 2019.

How will Mnpctech Drive Traffic To your Media?

Mnpctech is spearheaded by Bill Owen, who has been in the industry for 20 years. The products and the maker speak for themselves.

We are going to custom-build a case modded gaming rig that resembles your media and helps augment the experience.

The parts will be ordered in adherence to your requests and corporate partnerships so that there is a unified brand push for your product.

The Case will be completely custom-built to whatever features that can be discussed in further communication. (See Examples Below)

Every Case release will have a three-part video series created on our YouTube Channel and will be featured on spread across our entire social media hierarchy (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube; etc.)

Additionally, your studio will be cross-referenced and posted so that we will drive traffic to your brand, not exclusively your product.

Upon completion, you are free to do whatever you want with the case mod, the most common option is to feature it in a giveaway leading up to the release of your game. I encourage releasing gameplay features and additional dev diaries in the build-up for related video sharing and suggestions via YouTube's algorithm.

Bill Owen with Jay Worner from NZXT and Case Labs in 2019. Jay Worner is one of many wonderful affiliates who have worked with Mnpctech. Bill and Jay started their industry friendship with involvement in several marketing campaigns that included sponsored gaming pc builds, case mods and product reviews. Jay is one of many wonderful affiliates who have worked with Mnpctech

Successful Case Study (No Pun Intended)

The product is always going to be built successfully and stands the test of time in numerous battle station and case modding communities.

Like contracting a painter to do a portrait, we are creating an all-encompassing piece of art that also serves to be functional and a cut above today's standard, meaning the recipient will always be able to play your game and not worry about Upgrading for years to come.

Metro Exodus Gaming PC Giveaway Campaign with Mnpctech

Our most recent collaboration has been with 4A Games, and Deep Silver garnered a successful brand awareness campaign for the game and garnered some intense hype.

We created a fully functioning computer inside of a steam-powered case mod. This featured old-Russian era-inspired graphics and steel parts to give the aesthetic of a device that is both of the world and in reference to it.

A three-part YouTube series about the construction of the machine was created and garnered over 40,000 views from our loyal community.

Through Twitter, there were over 1,000 retweets of Mnpctech's individual tweets featuring the progress and the final unveiling of the build, but there was also press publications and additional shares and tweets from different members of the community up to 4 months after the build was completed proving that the long-term marketing efforts of having a build can be instrumental.

We worked with Corsair to maintain and host a giveaway for them; this large-scale collaboration brought extra traffic to the campaign and helped boost submissions and awareness. By the time the contest window had closed, the build had secured 131,000 entries.

Even with overlap from multiple markets, working with Mnpctech in a similar fashion to how this giveaway was handled would present your upcoming media project, game, or software to upwards of over 100,000 independent users who are all deeply invested in the community and are a viable demographic for your business.

Reviews from Mnpctech Past Clients for Gaming PC Builds For Marketing Games And Giveaways.

"As always Mnpctech has been great to work with, and the METRO PC is amazing! I will definitely keep him in mind as I have projects come through.

- Adam Jackson, Corsair.

"Very happy, Our giveaway campaign of the Cooler Master Dirt Rally 2.0 PC created by Mnpctech reached 253,000 entries!"

- Jurgen in 't Zandt, Cooler Master.

"Mnpctech is pretty much king of the hill when it comes to customizing computers"

-Rick Compton, Nvidia

"Bill has done numerous memorable projects with everyone from Antec, Corsair, AMD, Intel, Asus, Nvidia, EVGA, EK, Western Digital… Quite honestly every manufacture at one point or another. He has also been showcased in basically every tech journal (from Forbes to PC World and everyone in between)

- Anthony Garland, Seagate

"Bill does incredible custom system work and built us an amazing tank PC for Battlefield 1 a couple of years ago for a promotion."

-Peter Ross, AMD

Let's Work Together

If there's any key takeaway from this proposal it's that this community sticks together. Part of why many of us are in the industry through our various investments is because we've all been involved in the same activities for a long time.

Many of us have spent our time in a garage fiddling with getting the components in the correct space or admiring each other's handy work.

We don't encourage this as a total replacement for your marketing, but if you want to bring awareness or at least entertain the concept of creating a giveaway and having a work of art generated in tribute to your game or media project, give me a call or send me an e-mail. I'm always able to talk and share my excitement for whatever's coming up in the future.

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