Improve Graphic Card Cooling with 140mm PC Cooling Fan Case Mod

Your graphics card is more vulnerable to heat that any other component. They consume a large deal of power and generate a lot of heat. There is now a large variety of 140mm cooling fans on the market. They offer higher airflow while reducing noise and power consumption. Here is a step by step guide to installing a 140mm cooling fan in your side panel. This mod will help cool your AMD and Nvidia video card temperature. We will be using the Antec Sonata Proto mid tower case.

Tools & Supplies:

1. Power Drill or Drill Press.
2. 3M 233+ PC Modder Masking Tape
3. Block of wood at least 2″ thick.
4. Hand Center Punch
5. Cutting oil or WD40
6. 1/4″ drill bit for cutting fan screw mounting holes
7. Rounded side hand file.
8. 140mm cooling fan template print out
9. C-clamps to hold the panel in place (Optional)
10. 5.5″ size Hole Saw Attachment for installing 140mm fans (140mm = 5.51181″)
11. 1/2″ Hole Saw Arbor
12. 140mm Apevia Blue LED Cooling Fan
13. U-channel rubber trim molding
14. Fan vibration rubber grommets
15. #10-5/8 Black Cooling Fan Screws
16.140mm Wire Guard Fan Grill

I ordered MORSE brand 5.5″ size Hole Saw Attachment for installing 140mm fans (140mm = 5.51181″)

MV MORSE AV88 140mm hole saw attachment.

You will need a 1/2″ Hole Saw Arbor in order to use the 140mm hole saw attachment.

Attaching the 1/2″ Arbor.

You can use either a Power drill or Drill press. The Drill Press offers better precision and stability over using hand held Power Drill.

I’m using a 12″ Craftsman Bench top Drill Press Mfr. Model# 21914 for this guide. It retails for $214.99

Applying Masking Tape to the 140mm fan hole location on the access panel.

Place 2" thick or larger block of wood beneath the side panel, so you don't ruin your work surface.

You can download 140mm cooling fan template print out.

Using Center Punch to mark center of the hole, which helps pivot the drill bit in the Hole saw Arbor. Also mark the four fan screw mounting holes.

I'm using the Drill press with the 140mm hole saw attachment.

I'm using C-clamps, placed over pieces of plastic to prevent scratches on the panel and hold it in place.

Spray the cutting area with "Cutting Oil" or WD40 before cutting the hole, it reduces heat, so the hole saw blade will cut more efficiently.

The hole is cut, now use a rounded side hand file to clean up the jagged edge of the hole.

Using 1/4" size drill bit to make the fan screw mounting holes.

The 140mm cooling fan hole is now ready for installing PC Window U-channel rubber trim molding

I'm using these PC Fan vibration rubber grommets to help dampen vibration and silent the fan.

I use a Micro Flat head screw driver to install the Fan vibration rubber grommets.

The U-channel molding will cover any mistakes or scratches made while cutting the fan hole.

If you prefer to filter your fan, you have option to install this 140mm Modders Mesh fan grill.

I chose this 140mm wire fan grill to maximize airflow.

I've chosen this 140mm Apevia Blue LED Cooling Fan rated 50.28 CMF @ 21.1 dBA with LEDs that illuminate the entire fan and create a very amazing effect. It offers incredible cooling to increase the longevity and stability of the system and components. Each fan has seven UV-reactive blades and a black frame.

You can install the cooling fan as Intake or Exhaust, depending our your individual needs. You can use this guide to install the cooling fan as Intake in the floor of your chassis or in top panel of the case as an exhaust.

Mnpctech is only source for these Anodized Push Button On/Off Momentary switches for Desktop Computer PCs with ITX, MATX, ATX power supplies. They're available in Anodized Red & Blue. If you want to switch On and Off a cooling fan or lights, you'll need to use these Standard On/Off Toggle switches.

Replace your PC Power or PC Reset button with this Red Anodized Vandal Resistant Switch. Made of Nickel Plated Brass.

SPST (Push for Momentary On). IP-67 rated, CMP #MP19S-F10, Flush Flat Button, Metal Body, SPST-NO, Push button switch. Mounts in a 3/4” hole. Contacts Rated 5A @ 110VAC, 5A @ 220VAC. Compression screw Terminals. VDE/CE listed, RoHS Compliant.

Diameter: 7/8"
Mounting hole diameter: 3/4"
Length: 1-1/8”O/A
Weight: .03

2 PIN PC Motherboard connection. Use for power or reset switch. case power leds, hard drive activity led. 16" long with bare wire leads.

DarkSide Modding Dimmable 20cm PC LED Strips are designed as a proper modding light. This compact strip has a big punch with a high density of ultra-bright, but dimmable LEDs, DarkSide Jet Black HD sleeving and even black PCB. These can be used to replace regular cathode lighting and require no power inverter. Light can directly connected to fan controller or PSU. The dimmable nature of these make them ideal for modders looking for custom effect lighting.

To help improve cooling in your Corsair 350D case, we've CNC milled 1/4" diameter ventilation holes into a replacement Corsair 350D Mid Tower Front Bezel Plate. The ventilation area of holes measures 5.25" x 7.25"

Vandal Resistant Switch Mounting Plate, 22mm by 22mm, Black. Fits Bulgin, Delrin, Lamptron, ModmyToys illuminated switches.

Machined by Mnpctech in 6061 billet aluminum.

Black anodized finish.

Length = 3 - 7/16" x Width = 1 - 15/16" x Thickness = 1/4"

Bulgin Mounting Plate Includes: 4, stainless steel, 8/32 x 5/8" button socket cap screws and nuts.

Guide to cooling your AMD Radeon HD graphics card can also be applied to AMD Radeon HD 7770, AMD ATI Radeon HD 7570, AMD HD Radeon 7570 Driver downloads for all AMD Radeon Graphics and include AMD's Radeon HD 6310 Graphics.

Mnpctech Pro-Line

Two switch mounting plate with one 22mm hole and 16mm hole

Fits Bulgin, Delrin, ModMyToy, and Lamptron Vandal Resistant Switches

Machined by Mnpctech in 6061 billet aluminum.

Machined finish. (not polished)

Length = 3.5" x Width = 1.5" x Thickness = 3/16"

Bulgin Mounting Plate Includes: 4, 6/32 x 3/4"screws and nuts.

The "Clear" replacement window for NZXT's new H440 and Razer Edition case is machined from 3/16" cast acrylic. This window offers more durability and visual clarity over the factory Polycarbonate window. These replacement windows are made and sold exclusively by Mnpctech. You just bend tabs to install our custom H440 replacement window in your NZXT H440 and Razer designer H440 Mid tower case.

*This window doesn't NZXT S340

You can also order our "Smoked" H440 replacement window

Replace the smoked window with clear in the NZXT Razer Design edition H440.

NZXT H440 Replacement window will arrive with paper backing.

NZXT H440 Replacement window is cnc machined from 3/16" thick 100% cast acrylic

100% Clear replacement window for Corsair 900D is made exclusively by Mnpctech. We make this window in our machine shop from 1/4" thick cast acrylic. Our window offers more durability and visual clarity over Corsair's factory tinted Polycarbonate window.

Corsair 900D Obsidian Super Tower replacement window is made exclusively by Mnpctech in the U.S.A.

Select "Notify" so you are emailed as soon as these replacement windows are available.

Corsair 900D Obsidian Side panel not included.

Corsair 900D Obsidian Side panel not included.

Corsair 900D Obsidian Side panel not included.