Buy Mnpctech Single GPU Water Block Support Bracket, Black

Mnpctech Single GPU Water Block Support Bracket, Black



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Mnpctech's Black GPU water block support bracket is designed for any single GPU with any Water block. It won't fit any Crossfire or SLI GPU water block bridges or setups.

Protect the investment you've made into your high performance video card and water cooling block. Adding a water block to your video card will increase it's weight. Our single GPU Water block support bracket will help you avoid a sagging video card.

Mnpctech GPU water block support brackets are cnc machined from 1/8" thick 6061 aluminum. Mounting the Mnpctech GPU support bracket requires two open PCI slots below the GPU. Supports single GPU Water block setups only. Our GPU water block support bracket measures 11-1/2" long by 1-1/2" wide at PCI end by 1-3/8" wide at end.

Black anodized GPU support bracket for video cards with waterblock includes:

1x Black Machined aluminum height adjustable GPU 11-1/2" bracket brace with two 6/32 flat head PCI slot mounting screws.

1x Black Machined aluminum adjustable pedestal with Black rubber cushion with two 6/32 screws pre-installed.