Corsair C70 "BauerCorp" Hackintosh PC Case Mod by Lasse Bauer

by Bill Owen
Corsair C70 "BauerCorp" Hackintosh PC Case Mod by Lasse Bauer

I stumbled across Lasse Bauer's Corsair c70 case mod. The execution of his paint job is stellar. I asked for his permission to feature his case mod on my blog.

"I was inspired by sci-fi movies (Aliens (1986) in particular as the attentive reader might notice. Perhaps simply "BauerCorp Mod" or similar.

Lasse Bauer's Hackintosh "Bauer Corp" Case Mod was inspired imagery associated with Science Fiction, Space Stations, and a Dystopian world.

How did you create the distressed paint finish?

"It´s very simple: I used spray paint is Edding Permanent Spray 5200. You can use other brands, I just like the fact that these are matte/semi-matte. They are quite pricey, tho. The Grey color is Antracite (I believe) and then I used yellow for bits and bobs. I didn´t prime the case at all; I just washed it and made sure there was no grease on it. Then simply paint, apply scratches with steel brush or whatever gives the effect you´re after. The paint sticks pretty well to the case, and since the case is stationary, and you´re going for a weathered look, there´s really no need to prime."

Industrial style ventilation grill attached to the top of the Corsair C70 case fits the theme nicely.

Lasse replaced factory case handles on the C70 Vengeance case with industrial style cabinet / door handles.

Lasse also created this custom 3D style front case badge for his Hackintosh PC.

"BauerCorp" PC Hardware Specs:

• Corsair C70 case
• Inno3D iChill GTX 1080 TI
• ASUS Maximus X Hero 370 (Wi-fi, Bluetooth)
• i7 8700K
• 32 GB HyperX RAM
• Samsung 500GB 850 EVO M.2 SSD
• 7 SSD drives • Corsair RM750X • CPU fan: Noctua NH-D15

Visit Lasse's website to see more of his artwork,