Cooler Master SL600M DiRT Rally 2.0 4K Gaming PC Case Mod

by Bill Owen
Cooler Master SL600M DiRT Rally 2.0 4K Gaming PC Case Mod Jon Armstrong Ford Fiesta RX Rally Car FIA

This is the project worklog of the Cooler Master Dirt Rally 2.0 4K Gaming PC Case Mod by Mnpctech. It will be inspired by a variety of classic and vintage World Rally cars from the game. The exterior paint scheme will be similar the Official DiRT Rally 2.0 Livery Ford Fiesta R5 driven by Jon Armstrong in Great Britain. We often build custom Gaming PCs for game Publishers or Developers to promote their new game releases. They will giveaway these custom gaming PCs to increase their social channel authority and following.

Order Cooler Master Mastercase SL600M,

Front modified grill on the DiRt Rally 2.0 PC Case Mod was initially envisioned with Blossom ABS Plastic Racing Honeycomb Durable Mesh, 16" x 47" but we swapped to Modders Mesh because the scale of the mesh fit the scale of this custom built Giveaway PC theme better aesthetically and visually.

Hardware specifications of the Cooler Master SL600M include Intel i9 9900K processor, Nvidia RTX 2080 in vertical mount bracket, MSI MEG Z390 ACE Motherboard, Trident Z Royal Silver DDR4-3200, 8GBx 4 FireCuda 510 SSD, 1TB (ZP1000GM30001) BarraCuda HDD 1TB (ST1000DM010), and Cooler Master V1000W Power Supply.

This is the bone stock Cooler Master SL600M tower. It's a very minimalist design, reminds me of a Tesla car.

I've modifed the front bezel of the Cooler Master SL600M tower with large opening for a Hex / Honeycomb Mesh Grill and 5" touchscreen LCD. The screen will be nice for monitoring system details like CPU & GPU temperatures with a GUI like Rainmaker.

I purchase this 5" HDMI Touchscreen Display on Amazon. (800 x 480 Pixel) If you emulate the same modification I'm doing for your own PC Case Mod project, here are all of the other parts you'll need to order.

1x 5 Inch HDMI Touchscreen LCD,

1x 270 degree right angle HDMI connector,

1x 6ft Long HDMI Cable,

1x 5ft USB power cable,

Testing 5 Inch HDMI Touchscreen LCD with desktop wallpaper image of Dixie the Beagle scaling a tree.

Order the 5" LCD Touchscreen here,

The next stage was creating top panel Dirt Rally Car 2.0 Racing auto dash gauge pods. I had to cut openings into the Cooler Master SL 600M PC Case top panel mesh and aluminum plate. Here are the parts I ordered for this Gaming PC case mod if you wish to create your own.

1x KK Moon 2-1/16" Auto Tachometer,

2x 2-1/6" Auto Gauge Dash Pod Holders,

1x Auto Meter Pro-Comp VOLT Gauge,

Cutting notches for the two gauges into the top cover plate of the Cooler Master SL 600M aluminum case.

Top pod installation finished for the Auto Meter Pro Comp and KK Moon 2-1/16" gauges.

The final stage for the Dirt Rally 2.0 theme custom from bezel for the Cooler Master SL 600M case.

The Cooler Master SL 600M modified bezel, powdercoated with "Cherry Illusion" by PrismaticPowders

I used Mnpctech Honeycomb Modders Mesh for the front grill intake. You can also use this mesh for your own Custom DIY Projects like the Cooler Master Case Mod above.

Cherry Illusion Powdercoat by Prismatic Powders sure looks great!

Attaching 5" Touchscreen LCD to back of Cooler Master SL600M front bezel.

Purchase it on Amazon here,

120mm Overkill Custom Gaming PC Fan grill by Mnpctech powder coated in Orange Cherry Illusion by Prismatic Powders by Red Hot Icing in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Early stage PC side panel hood scoop for 120mm fan, ideally this fan will be controlled and linked to tachometer.

You can order this HOOD SCOOP on Amazon for your PC case mod ideas.

Your Cooler Master SL 600M system is cooled vertically with two 200mm PWM Fan x 2 (Speed: 400~800RPM / Connector: 4Pin) in the floor as intakes. I love the cooling design. It's shame more case manufacturers don't embrace it. I think consumers are very slow in being open to anything different than the standard front to back cooling of mopst cases on the retail market.

The chassis design of the Cooler Master SL600M allows a great deal of places to hide cables, once you learn the layout. Here's my results of Cable Management job on back of the Cooler Master SLM 600 Gaming Tower. All factory cables, no custom cable extensions used.

We're using MSI's MEG z380 Ace Intel Gaming Motherboard.

I really love the design and layout of this motherboard. It posted without any issues and has been working great while residing in my studio, before it ships off to Computex.

32GB Gskill Royal DDR4 Trident Z Royal looks like diamonds or ice. It would be great for PRINCE or FROZEN Subzero theme. Has anyone built a case mod tribute to PRINCE yet? Maybe I should.

Close-up of tghe new 32GB Gskill Royal DDR4 Trident Z Royal. What type of theme would you do?

We are honored to be the very first Gaming PC builder to utilize Seagate's new Firecuda M.2 510 SSD. I'm a long time fan of Seagate's data storage drives going back to my first PC build in 1999.

Looks Good! The NEW Seagate FireCuda m,2 NVMe Solid State Drive For Gaming and again, this is the very first documented Gaming PC build to utilize this M.2 drive. We installed the Win 10 64 bit OS onto this drive.

We're also utilizing Seagate's Barracuda 2TB HDD drive. This will serve as secondary drive for files.

Shiny new Nvidia RTX 2080 video card arrives. This will be mounted vertically in the SL600M tower.

The new RTX 2080 looks great installed! I love how quiet the two fans perform at maximum rpm.

The exterior was painted Rustoleum Satin Nickel. This creates a great contrast to the Orange Cherry Illusion.

Snap Shot of progress 5 days before the DiRT Rally 2.0 Gaming PC must leave for 2019 Computex. It will be displayed at Cooler Master's show booth, so please Tweet photos @Mnpctech on Twitter if you see it.

Don Mathews was kind enough to help in creating circuit for the "GPU Hood Scoop Cooler."

2-1/16" Autometer Pro-Comp 12 VOLT and KKMoon Tachometer for the side panel of the Cooler Master SL 600M. I've titled it "Mnpctech GPU Hood Scoop Cooler."

The "GPU Hood Scoop Cooler" is connected to 2-1/16" KKMoon Tachometer for the side panel of the Cooler Master SLM 600.

Main Power button of the Dirt Rally 2.0 theme PC Case Mod is this "Engine Start" button

I've added 120mm rear exhaust fan to the Cooler Master SL 600M. The grill is 120mm Overkill Ring by Mnpctech.

GPU Cooler Hood Scoop is finished, it will open for accessing the 120mm Cooler Master fan inside.

You can order this HOOD SCOOP on Amazon for your PC case mod ideas.

Underneath the GPU Cooler Hood Scoop is a Cooler Master Fan, 76.8 CFM, 2000 rpm

The GPU Cooler Scoop on the PC side panel is held on with R/C Car Hood Pin & Posts

You can order this HOOD SCOOP on Amazon for your PC case mod ideas.

GPU Cooler Side panel Scoop panel.

You can order this HOOD SCOOP on Amazon for your PC case mod ideas.

I bought the Aluminum Billet Style Red Anodized Cosmetic Racing Hood for the top panel on Amazon

The machined aluminum Rally / Race Car Hood Pin ties into the theme of the Dirt Rally 2.0 PC case mod & build.

You often will see Rally or race cars with Hood Pins, so your pit crew team has quick access to the engine bay.

One of the final photos of the Dirt Rally 2.0 gaming PC Case Mod before it shipped off to #ComputexCoolerMaster

Dirt rally 2.0 Logo graphic side panel days before the Giveaway PC must ship to Computex 2019.

The Dirt rally 2.0 Gaming PC paint theme consists of three different colors that include Orange Cherry Illusion powder coat, Rustoleum Silver Nickel, and Flat Black.

The tri-color custom finish on the custom built 4K gaming PC that will be given away by Cooler Master. The gaming PC was created by Mnpctech. We do several custom PC build used as giveaways by Game Developers and Game Publishers. The Dirt Rally series of games are developed by Codemasters.

View of the Volt and Auto Meter Pro-Comp tachometer with carbon fiber accent plate and start button.

Closer view of the Volt gauge by Auto Meter Pro-Comp and tachometer with carbon fiber accent plate and Race car style Engine start push button.

Dirt Rally 2.0 Game logo graphic side of the Cooler Master SL 600M Aluminum case mod by Mnpctech.

Front view of the 5" LCD screen and stare down at the RTX GPU Cooler Hood Scoop case Mod.

My favorite view of the Dirt rally 2.0 4K PC gaming Rig. Love the Orange Cherry Illusion powder coat.

The Dirt Rally 2.0 Gaming PC will be displayed at Computex 2019 at Cooler Master's Booth.

The SL600M top panel has race car style hood pin. The front grill is Honeycomb Modder's mesh by Mnpctech.

This is purely concept atm, for Cooler Master Case Mod Custom Paint Scheme for Dirt World Rally 2.0. The paint job is inspired by the Dirt Rally 2.0 Ford Focus RS M-Sport 2019 model. I later decided to make a front grill with Mnpctech Honeycomb Modder's mesh. I also decided upon Cherry Illusion Powdercoat for the panels.

This is another custom paint scheme option for the Cooler Master Aluminum SL600M case.

Set of Two Red Anodized Race Car JDM Hood Pins,