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PCI Video Graphics Card & Motherboard Cooling Fan Mount Bracket for my Running Hot Video Card

PCI Cooling Fan Mounting Bracket Video Graphics Card & Motherboard

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Use this PCI bracket to mount a single side blowing cooling fan to help cool video graphics cards. It can also be used to cool portions of your motherboard. PCI arm fan mount allows you to direct airflow directly into single GPU or 2-way, 3 way, 4 way Crossfire and SLI graphics cards. It can also direct air onto heatsinks mounted on your motherboard, that include amd or intel cpu processor, mosfets, capacitors, ddr2, ddr3, ddr4 memory, north and south bridge chip sets. This PCI bracket is 100% steel that is painted black. PCI mounting bracket cooling fan hanger measures 7-3/4" long from PCI slots.

You can mount either one of these cooling fan sizes,

1x 80mm (8cm) fan

1x 92mm (9cm) fan

1x 120mm (12cm) fan

1x 140mm (14cm) fan

PCI Cooling Fan Mount includes:

3x Black 6/32 thumb screws for mounting bracket to two or three chassis PCI slots.

4x 8/32 thread x 1-1/2" long black Philips head screw with washer and nut for mounting one PC cooling fan.