CaseLabs Bullet BH4 MATX Case, Steve McQueen BULLITT Tribute

I'll be painting Case Lab's new Bullet BH4 MATX case FORD Highland Green as tribute to Steve McQueen's iconic movie character, Frank Bullitt and his 1968 Ford Mustang GT. I'll also be adding liquid cooled system as well, but haven't finalized those details yet.

EK-FC1080 GTX – Acetal water block on EVGA 1080 GTX, painted Ford 1968 Highland Green.

Casted Ford Mustang front grill emblem mounted EK backplate for Nvidia GTX 1080 video card.

Case Labs cases are Made in the USA. Their headquarters is located in Canoga Park, California. The Case Labs Bullet case line offers three different sizes, starting with BH2 which is Mini-ITX, then BH4 for micro ATX, and BH7, which allows ATX - EATX motherboards.

Regardless of the BULLET case model you choose, they all offer optimal air flow and space for cable management in a small cube case.

I ordered the Ford Highland Green factory metallic paint in rattle cans from Bookmark this page, I should have video guide posted sometime in April.

Here are some features that really impressed Mnpctech about the Case Labs Bullet BH4 case.

  • Excellent layout for PC cable management.
  • Ample cooling for CPU heat sink fan combo or AIO cpu coolers.
  • Easy access to system and intyernal components.
  • Aluminum exterior and interior construction

Mnpctech's Small Silver "Grooved" Custom PC Case feet are designed for the Case Labs BULLET case line. They fit Bullet ITX (BH2), Bullet mATX (BH4) and the Bullet ATX/SS-CEB/EATX (BH7) They're CNC Machined from 6061 Aluminum by Mnpctech. 1" diameter x 5/8" height. Each case foot has a 3/4" thick hard rubber insert to protect your desktop or workstation. Each case foot includes mounting screw.

Mnpctech CNC machined case feet look great on any MATX or ITX CaseLabs.netcase

1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback with factory mag wheels. This was Frank Bullitt's car from the movie, BULLITT. The movie was the first produced by Steve McQueen's SOLAR PRODUCTIONS in Hollywood, California.

I contacted the folks at to custom mix the paint into four 5.64 oz rattle cans.Case Labs BH4 Bullet case completely dismantled into 18 individual pieces and required two and half cans of the color base coat and clear.

Here is the paint sample page taken from PPG Industries book. The ford factory paint color for the 1968 Mustang GT is HIGHLAND GREEN, paint code number 43644. It's a Metallic polyurethane paint that requires clear coat.

I've applied 4 coats of 1968 Ford Mustang GT Dark Highland Green Metallic base color coat. I ordered four 5.64 oz aerosol cans from It took two and half cans to cover the eighteen individual pieces of the dismantled CaseLabs BH4 MATX Case.

Dark Highland Green paint color looks like a combination of Graphite Grey and Forrest Green.

Here's an comparison of how the clear coat looks over the factory paint. The clear coat I applied is Ultra Gloss Clear 2X Painters Touch made by RUSTOLEUM.

I plan to apply two cans of this clear over the exterior pieces of the CaseLabs BH4. You can see video demonstration of Rustoluem clear coat applied to the touch-up paint by on Bill Owen's facebook page, HERE

Darkside brand slim 240mm PC water cooling radiator installed in roof of Case Labs Bullet MATX BH4

CaseLabs BH4 MATX with fresh 1968 Ford Mustang GT Highland green paint from ScratchWizard and Mnpctech machined aluminum case feet installed.

EK reservoir mounted in Case Labs Bullet BH4.

Corsair cooling fans installed with Darkside 240mm Radiator.

Here's the measurements and dimensions of the Case Labs BULLET BH4 side window if you need to cut your own replacement or make custom version, perhaps smoked acrylic? Screw holes are for 6/32 thread machine screws.

The two side windows for my Case Labs BULLET will be laser etched with different designs. The left side design will be the BULLITT movie logo and Steve McQueen's character, Frank Bullitt.

The other side window of the Case Labs will be laser etched with Frank Bullitt's 1968 Mustang GT Fastback