PC Sound Proofing Sheet, 24" x 12"



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Available in 24" x 12" size single sheet @ $20.99, 1/4" thick, Melamine Acoustical Sound Proofing, Grey sheet.

Adhesive backing for easy installation. Cuts with scissors or knife.

Temperature range -20 degrees to 180 degrees F
Foam Structure: Open cell
Texture type: Coarse cell
Foam Firmness: Very Soft
Compression recovery: Good
Tensil Strength: 16 PSI
Ul Spec: UL94HF1

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Mnpctech Machined Aircraft Aluminum GPU Support.

Fits all GPU Brands and Models, including GPU Waterblocks.

(Video card in photos not included)

One Random Winner will be emailed Tracking on 6/27/19. OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES!!

Mnpctech has created an limited edition aircraft aluminum GPU support bracket. Works with all model GPU computer video cards. Aircraft allows us to make a design that is very sleek and simple without concern about the structural support strength. Nobody wants their high performance Nvidia or Radeon GPU to be sagging. It's a real problem for some video card manufacturers. You can protect your investment and avoid a sagging video card with the Mnpctech GPU support bracket bar. Mnpctech GPU support brackets are cnc machined from 1/8" thick 6061 aircraft aluminum. Mounting the Mnpctech GPU support bracket requires two open PCI slots below the GPU. Supports single GPU setup only.

Measures 12.5" long by 3/4" wide.

Aircraft Aluminum GPU support by Mnpctech bracket includes:

1x Machined aluminum height adjustable GPU support bracket brace with two 6/32 flat head PCI slot mounting screws.

1x Machined aluminum adjustable pedestal with Black rubber cushion with two 6/32 screws pre-installed.