3M Autobody Paint Red Scotchbrite Pad pak

3M Scotchbrite Pads



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One Pack includes 3 pads, 1/4' thick and measure 6" x 9"

These Premium 3M brand "All Purpose" Scotchbrite pads are "Very Fine"

Mnpctech uses these Premium 3M brand "All Purpose" Scotchbrite pads in "very Fine" as an alternative to sandpaper for painting cases. Also described as Maroon color and you can use Wet or Dry. They can be used for scuffing and prepping a wide variety of materials and surfaces for paint or primer. You can also use these 3M Scotchbrite pads for deburring Aluminum, Steel, Acrylic, Plastic. You can easily cut them down to smaller sizes with a Scissors. 3M Scotchbrite Pads are constructed from Nylon Mesh that is embedded with Aluminum Oxide grains and is more durable and aggressive on hardened Steels. They change the work surface without removing or damaging it. You can use them as an alternative to sandpaper, wire brushes, steel wool, sandblasting, and rubber bonded materials.

Using Red Scotchbrite Pad for scuffing painted surface.

Using Red Scotchbrite Pad for scuffing plastics.

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...for your chance to win an Caselabs MATX Tech Station or MATX Moptherboard for scratch built PC.

It includes a set of Mnpctech "Diamond Knurl" machined PC case feet installed.

(PCI Slot covers for motherboard not included)

One Random Winner will be emailed Tracking on 6/3/17. OPEN TO ALL COUNTRIES!!

4x Billet CNC Machined Aluminum "Diamond Knurl" Case Feet are included with the CaseLabs MATX motherboard / mini tech station. The thick hard rubber foot inserts in the machined aluminum feet help prevent vibration and protect your desk or work station.

Base Diameter = 1- 3/4", Height = 1"

Set Includes:
4, billet machined aluminum covers,
4, thick rubber feet,
4, nuts & bolts.

The feet are available in Silver or Black Anodized Finishes, similar to factory finish on Antec, Azza, Cooler Master, Corsair, Lian Li, Phanteks, Rosewill, Silverstone, Thermaltake, Cases.


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